Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cold Winters

Winter season is the one which is likable and enjoyed by most of the people due to various reasons on the other hand it is also considered to be one of the tough season mentally as well as physically due to cold winds and other health problems. During winters it’s very important to keep one protected from cold and fever and boosts immunity system and keeps one healthy. During this season as days are shorter and colder thus body become more susceptible to all these negative effects to save from unhealthy conditions its important to take precautions. Here are some precautions which one should must take to protect cold during this season.

10. Quit Smoking

Smoking is always considered to be hazardous health effect which causes various health problems. People often opines that alcohol helps to fight against cold on the other hand it also give rise to various health diseases this fact is unaware to most of the people. At the point of consumption we feel that our body is consuming heat as blood flows into skin but actually our body temperature rapidly decreases which lead to cold and later on Hypothermia.

9. Socialize

  During winters as much we talk and socialize with our neighbors or anybody its good for a body as one will feel less cold as it shifts our focus to think something else apart from chilling winds. Socializing helps to reduce all the stress and tensions which further help to strengthen immune system and one remain active and alert and keep us healthy eliminating all the possible chances of getting cold. As much we involve in activities and socializing as much one energy will be utilized thus more calories will burn which further help in generating heat in the body. So instead of sitting at home in quilts try to move out and socialize with people which will make one strong physically and emotionally.

8. Hydration

Body requires water all the time for its smooth functioning as it helps in the functioning of various body organs thus it doesn’t matter whether it is winters or summer. Rather more of the water should be consumed during winters as one feel cold thus no sweating takes place thus toxins are not properly released from the body which results in body problems such as fever, diarrhea etc.

7. Wipe germs areas

It’s very common during winters that flu might take place due to uncleanliness which results in accumulation of germs thus some common health problems. Household utensils and corners of the house should be properly clean and washed so that bacteria should not arise. Even single bacteria can lead to birth of one million cells which lead to infection as these germs enter in our body and cause health problems such as typhoid, malaria, virus etc. To avoid germs one should keep their kitchen clean where every utensil and dirty things are thrown out which give birth to germs.

6. Keep one hygienic

During cold season it’s very important to keep one clean and healthy so that germs don’t overpower your body on the other hand if one will remain active they will be able to fight against all the problems. Ones immune system should be strong enough which could bear all the winter problems whether it is simple cold till typhoid this is possible only when one will keep hygiene by regularly washing hands till keeping house clean. Keep your house warm, open windows during day time which will provide sunlight and other these natural ways will help during this season.

5. Wear full winter clothes

People often neglect the starting winter cold as they didn’t feel but it’s very necessary to protect oneself from starting and ending winters as during this period cold winds suddenly captures your body thus fever. By wearing full clothes will never make you suffer from fever or cold as it will protect from cold winds on the other hand try wearing dark clothes during this season. Dark colors are good absorbent of heat thus by absorbing they will generate heat and provide warmness to the body.

4. Sleep Well

In a hectic schedule we think that more work will lead to have better sleep and rest more as winters demands more dizziness but actually it is not like that morning sun give clue to our body to wake up and in the evening when it dawns it  tell us the time to sleep. But in actual life brightness during  night time wake up till late nights as a result of which we get up late in the morning thus our body suffers so in order to stay healthy and free from dizziness its important to take proper sleep and rest at proper time according to the schedule.

3. Moisturize your body properly

As during winter season there is no sweating thus dryness accumulates in the body which decrease the level of body to fight against germs thus this raises the possibilities of various winter health problems. Its important for the body to eliminate dryness and protect from all the oddities on the other hand moisturizing means massaging which will give warmness to the body and make immune system strong. It’s not necessary to do massage with artificial creams rather massaging with oil will not only remove dryness but help to protect from cold also.

2. Exercise

Exercising or walking is always beneficial done in any season but if done in winter season this will boosts one immune system, protect from infections and helps in generating warmness in the body. Thus it will be good if one will do regular exercise or even 10 minutes of walk is sufficient for the body as cold winds keep us cold and no sweating is there thus through walking one will loose calories thus produce heat and warmness in the body. Fresh air in the morning time will help you to fight against all the impossibilities in natural way instead of taking medicines or anything which have side effects

1. Healthy Diet

Healthy eating habits cannot be compared to anything whether it is summer or winter season but the variety of seasonal food available is mandatory to consume as this will help in respective seasons to the health. Green vegetables, water rich food and dry fruits will stronger ones immune system and give the encouragement to fight against all the problems whether it is cough or fever. Healthy food consumption discards all the other activities if not done as this will keep you healthy during winter.


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