Top 10 Ways to Prevent Infections

10. Maintain Personal Hygiene


Change your clothes and inner wears twice a day if possible. Take a bath daily. Also, change the inner footwear daily. All these healthy practices help to avoid infections. Always keep your fingernails and also toenails clean as the germs mainly flourish in these areas. Sharing your towel with another person can also cause infection.

9. Keep Your Cuts and Wounds Clean


Untreated cuts and burns can easily cause infections. Even if the treatment is completed, it is necessary to take care after that. Apply the antibacterial ointments that contain peroxide twice a day to prevent infections. It helps to ease the wounds easily.

8. Practice Safe Sex


Practice safe sex by using condoms to avoid pregnancy and other STD’s. Make sure your partner is reliable and cares for you more than casual sexual pleasures. Many people suffering from STD do not experience visible symptoms. It is advisable to perform routine tests to avoid such infections. 

7. Wash Your Hands Frequently


Washing your hands frequently helps to remove all the dirt from your hands. Wash your hands before and after meals every day for at least 10 seconds. It helps to sanitize them and keeps the bacteria away. Prefer to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

6. Avoid Sharing Your Food in the Same Utensils


Always remember that all types of infections can be easily transmitted from a person suffering from contagious diseases. In such case, avoid sharing your food or drinks in the same utensils as it increases the chance of getting infected.  

5. Take Necessary Vaccines


Always take the necessary vaccines after talking an advice from the doctor. Take vaccines in advance if you are travelling, to avoid infections. Proper vaccination protects you from diseases like typhoid, yellow fever, mumps, etc. vaccinations usually depend on the weather.

4. Avoid Infections from Pet


Pet infections are very common these days. Regular checkups and vaccinations can keep your pet healthy. Some of the common diseases that you can get from animals are bird flu, Rabies, etc. Explain your children and make them wash their hands each time after playing with the pet.

3. Healthy Cooking Habits


You are likely to suffer from food borne diseases if you follow unhealthy cooking habits. Bacteria start growing on the food when it is left untouched for a long time. Always keep the leftovers in the refrigerator after two of making them. Use different cutting boards for vegetables and meats.

2. Take necessary Precautions While Travelling


Take necessary precautions while travelling to places with the epidemic. Consume bottled water if the place you are travelling has contaminated water. Eat more of cooked food instead of raw food. Take the suitable vaccinations before travelling whenever required.

1. Keep Yourself Updated


Keeping yourself updated about the events can help you to take suitable precautions while travelling. Whether it is about the epidemic in the city or the contamination of the vegetable and fruits, keeping yourself updated with the news helps to prevent infections. 

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