Top 10 Ways to Get Slim

Being slim and sexy is a cherished goal of most men and women around the world. But most people do not know how to get slim and maintain it for a long period. Most folks would put on weight within 2-3 months of losing weight. This is because they actually have lost water weight and not really fat. In this article we will discuss the top ten ways that you could use to get slim and maintain this slimness throughout your life.

10. Do not cut down your calories to a level of starvation. Your body would hoard energy as fat in the fat cells as it would think that your survival is at stake. Reduce the calories in your meal but do not overdo it.

Top 10 Ways to Get Slim

9. Eat more fiber and protein included food items. It would keep you full and keep you away from eating unnecessarily. Protein and fiber gives a feeling of being full. Reduce carbohydrates in your meals. Carbs are broken down quickly and would make you feel hungry more often, making you eat more.

8. Drink plenty of water. Keeping your body hydrated always is helpful in losing weight and getting slim. Cravings occur when your body is dehydrated. You are bound to misunderstand the signs of dehydration as a signal of carving for food and stuff yourself with more food.

7. Eat 5-6 small portions of meals a day. Eating small portions several times a day would keep your metabolism active throughout the day. An active metabolic rate is essential to get slim and maintain it throughout your life.

6. Find an effective exercise plan and stick with it. Joining your local gym is a good start. Seeing others exercising is a good motivation for you to continue with it.

5. Do high intense, short duration exercises. They are found to be more effective than the traditional low intense, long duration workout plans.

4. Visualize yourself as being slim. The mind plays a big part in losing weight of the body. Your belief about being able to be slim is essential in order to actually start losing weight.

3. Avoid eating while you are under stress. You tend to eat more while under stress than normal. Always eat when you are in a balanced mood. Do not eat while you are under a negative emotion as you would eat more to cover up that negative emotion.

2. Avoid deep fried food and junk food as much as possible. Eat baked food instead of deep fried food. Deep fried food is adding empty calories to your body.

1. Avoid drinking artificial drinks and energy drinks. Also avoid most of the sodas that are available in the market. They all add empty calories which are not helpful to achieve your goal of losing weight permanently.

The above mentioned are some of the most effective ways of losing permanent weight from your body and getting slim. This way you would be able to maintain this new look of yours for a lifetime.


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