Top 10 Ways & Tips to help Cancer Patients

If you know someone who is fighting from cancer, then don’t need to feel helpless. There are many things you can do to support them and their health. Every case has unique elements and that makes the chemo therapy effective more or less. There are factors that support surgery and make it imperative more or less and increase or decrease the survival probability. There are specific things that you can do to encourage them. They need emotional support for winning the battle with cancer. Perhaps hugging them provides them a feeling that they are being loved; holding their hands makes them feel like they are wanted. Rather than simply asking them ‘what you can do to help them’, go and do something that brings a change in their life. These points will lead you there.

[10] Take Care of Yourself:

Don’t you ever look tired in front of your friend. Keep yourself as healthy as ever. If you are playing a supportive role to your friend, then you must look fit and fine. If you look upset, that is the worst you are doing to them. Don’t ever look depressed or upset. Control your anxiety in front of them. The better you look, the better they feel. Sleep well and eat well and enough. Exercise daily, whether alone or maybe you can do this activity with your friend. Don’t let your friend ask you about help, in fact you are supposed to help them.

[9] Add Life:

Literally, we are suggesting you to add life. This can be done by silly little steps. Don’t let the flowers around them die. Don’t let there be any dirty laundry, overflowing dustbins, empty refrigerators, etc. These all signify loss of control and disorder. They are an unavoidable signal of decay and depression. All you have to do is buy fresh flowers, bring a drop of groceries, water the plants and potted flowers, send a house-cleaner to your friend’s house on her chemo day so that there is no chance of denial.

[8] Financial Support:

The person may have insurance but the cost to fight a cancer battle is not easy. There are copayments and many other out-of-the-bill costs for a cancer patient. You can provide support through aiding finance either directly or by ways. Do a fundraiser, give gift cards for grocery and even gift cards of drug store which supplies the medicines for the treatment. You can even do a fundraising. You can also make a donation in your friend’s name to the organisation which helps the people fighting cancer and provide assistance to them.

[7] Buy Gifts and Cards:

Do shower gifts and cards over your loved one. If you don’t get enough time to drop by these, then simply post them to your friend’s address. As per some of the cancer patients, they love receiving the most thoughtful card which represents love. It helps to boost up the inspiration when they see these gifts. They know that the friends are thinking of him and praying for him. It is just very nice to know that someone cares about them. The loneliness disappears when they realise how much they are being loved.

[6] Let Them Decide:

Don’t always decide what will make them feel good. Of course you would want the best for your friend/family. But it is not necessary that whatever you think is the best. They may want something else. Let them choose. Ask your loved one about the wishes. Ask them what they need. Don’t visit directly, ask whether he/she is free and if he/she would mind if you come over. Don’t force for a walk, ask whether they have other plans or maybe you can join for a walk. In short, do everything but before that, ask. Give them the space they need.

[5] Don’t Judge and Be Positive:

Positive attitude to everything is very important. Share stories of the persons who overcame cancer, who conquered cancer and avoid comparisons. You should never talk about those who died from cancer or those who suffered greatly from this deadly disease. Secondly, don’t ever judge them. Never tell them that they are weak, and they are not going to make it. Suffering from cancer is an extremely vulnerable time, the patients are super sensitive. For them, you got to be super positive and confident. Encourage them & uplift their confidence, instead of judging them and making them feel like they will never be able to win this.

[4] Offer Practical Help:

If you have time and you want to help your friend who is a cancer patient then don’t worry. You can do anything for them that you like. Say for example, you can take a walk together if you’re a fitness freak, you can help in housework, you can go along with them in their chemo sessions, you can visit them after the chemo sessions, offer to pick/drop their child around, call up and talk about normal things.

[3] Be Truly Present:

If your friend or family is a cancer patient and you don’t know what to say to them, then don’t think and say. Just listen and care is all you have to do. Don’t put efforts to speak the things that may seem right. The patient needs your presence more than your words. Be there with them in every single appointment with their doctors. Be there when other friends come over to see her and make sure they don’t hurt her by saying foolishly hopeless things. Take care of her but don’t make her feel like she is weak. Instead be casual and be there for sure.

[2] Provide Best Treatment:

This is the best way to help a cancer patient. Nothing is much better than a treatment for it. There is no cure to cancer, we all know this, but there are treatments. If you are aware of these treatments, then make them available to the patient. The person suffering from cancer may not be able to have access to such treatments or maybe they do not consider the treatments effective enough or maybe they are unaware of some research treatments. Help them by encouraging them for treating it. There is nothing wrong in getting a second opinion from another doctor or another medical care unit. Some of the options are yoga, fitness practices, massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, guided imagery, nutritional counselling, self-hypnosis, etc. These complementary therapies have helped people to cope-up with cancer and its side effects.

[1] Laugh:

It is truly said “Laughter is the best medicine”. It is, indeed. Laughing helps you to keep the environment light. Basically, laughter and silliness makes the things normal. They allow the patient to experience joy and motivate them. They feel happy. They think they would be able to make it; they can do it. They think that even if its time, they have still got movements to live, that they still have a life. They start appreciating the life they have. This is the only justice. So laugh as much as you can. Have a good sense of humour or else call some of the friends who would help to make the atmosphere sound cheerful.

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