Top 10 Ways of Burning More Calories

10. Green Tea Intake Daily

Green tea offers a number of health benefits and will help you to burn more calories. The drink is high in antioxidant content and will help fend off any damages that could lead to malady. Make sure to serve your green tea with some lemon rather than adding sugar to prevent the addition of unwanted calories.

9. Diet With Hot Peppers

Using hot peppers in your meals is another quick way to burn your calories. Hot peppers as well as chili peppers have capsaicin which will cause your body to expend more energy as hearths, increasing the total calories to burn. If you are not a hot pepper person, then try using cayenne pepper.

Top 10 Ways to Burn Calories

8. Protein Rich Meals

By instantly boosting your metabolism through more protein intake is one of the fastest ways. Protein-rich diet allows your body to expend so many calories simply by breaking it down, making it an ideal way to burn your calories.

7. Say Hello to Carbs

Low-carbs diet results into a sluggish metabolism. Start adding some carbohydrate rich diet before and after you work out as well as during the following meals. It’ll be less likely to be stored as body fats and notice a dramatic difference.

6. Keep Moving

Another way to burn your calories is constant movement. Get up and move! Sitting for a longer period of time causes a reduction in your metabolic rate and lowers your calories burn.

Top 10 Tips to Burn Calories

5. 20 Reps

When you have free time, do short bursts of body-exercises, daily. Get down and do 20 pushups, bodyweight squats, crunches or pull-ups. This will also energize you in the process.

4. Do Sports

An excellent way to rev up your metabolism and blast your calories fast is to go for stop-and-go sports. You’ll have an added benefit of boosting your muscle strength and coordination by playing.

3. Sleep Well

Getting enough sleep reduces the risk of low metabolism. Also, getting enough sleep improves the glucose tolerance of your body, which enables you to consume any carbohydrates much better. This means you don’t have to worry about increase in body fat.

2. Throw Out the TV, Bring In The Books

Sitting idle for hours and watching TV at night for hours is one of the slowest ways to burn your calories, so why not make the best of the time? Instead, pick a good read and do some reading. It will not only enrich your mind, but it helps in burning calories fast as the brain stays active metabolically. Since reading starves your brain of glucose, this means you’ll burn more carbohydrates you’ve taken while reading than when watching TV.

1. Efficient Utilization of Diet Breaks

To help improve your calories burn, implement diet breaks every 4-6 weeks on the program. Being on low calories for a longer period of time will reduce your daily calorie burn. To reverse your slow metabolism, eat high calorie foods for around 2 days.

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