Top 10 Reasons you should Never have Drugs

 Use of drugs is one of the growing problems in today’s world especially among youngsters and teenagers. Drugs consumption has many negative effects and should never be consumed. The lane of drugs addiction is elongated one and has adverse effects not only to one who is consuming but also to the community and environment. There is endless list of reasons for not to consume drugs amongst those top 10 are given here by:

10. Time

Once a person is addicted to drugs he will be in need of drugs everyday but this cost a huge amount and also its supply are limited 2 certain places.  So many addicted people blindly do all the bad deeds including crimes and spend their precious life time in searching for their next dose of drugs. Time is even wasted if they are caught with drugs and sent to jail and this result in social embarrassment.

9. Environment

To meet addicted people growing demands more and more drugs are grown. This evolve cutting down of trees, shrubs and forest hence destroying the natural habitat resulting in ecological imbalance. Also it is followed by all negative effects of deforestation. Thus leading to problems of species extinction, salinity and soil erosion. And the land once used for growth of drugs loses its fertility and can never be used for production of food.

8. Dreams and goals

Drugs habit among a person removes him from the path of success and forcefully leads him on the wrong path carrying him away from his goal. A drug addicted person loses its mental power and is never concern about anything else other than his dose. As the person loses his concentration and focus from his goal so he failed to convert his dreams into reality which he thought for his life. Hence it is concluded that drugs just produces useless creatures.

7. Money

Drugs interfere with one’s ability and reduce efficiency power of a person hence it becomes a difficult task for an addicted person to earn money. A drug addicted person has to give huge money to get his dose regularly. And if addicted people are in short of money they engulfed themselves in criminal activities. To get money addicted people may start profession of prostitution. And continuous increase in spending money for drugs a drug user is unable to pay for basic necessities of life and become homeless and poor.  Ultimately it is not the cost of money that destroy but ways in which addicts is forced to work to get the dose is the problem.

6.  Harm to society

Manufacturing and selling of drugs is illegal. But there are people called criminal who do not care about the effects of such narcotics on the people. Such person terrorizes the common people and practice violence against people who cause hurdle in business of using drugs. Once these criminals gain power they start with the other crimes as well like kidnapping, extortion bribery and many more. This results in an unprotected society free from law and order. Thus drugs consumption leads to growth of criminals and restless society.

5. Friends

The negative effect of drugs used on friends is worst than any other thing. Drugs addiction often leads to violence, steal, saying lie and verbally abuse the loved ones which is the pettiest thing. Even drugs can cause individual to exhibit a change in their favorite’s hangouts with friends and such people normally have mood swings that may turn them less social hence such people start losing their friends.

4. Career 

Drugs use remove all the thriller and excitation of doing work from an individual, most people give up their hobbies too. For a fresher to apply for job need to get a series of test including a narcotics test and if it says positive then the career is finished before it starts. And the person is included in the list of unemployed persons. And for people already working has the threat of losing job as drugs reduce one’s efficiency so all the progress made from years long hard work comes to end. All the position and power is snatched away in seconds. Even such persons are not applicable for next job and their career comes to an end. People feel like losers and even many times they go in depression. As a result Consumption of drugs transforms the complete lifestyle of a person.

3. Family

Drugs can cause a person to behave differently. Family is amongst the loved ones who have to bear the pain of seeing a drug addicted person from his sufferings of the use of drugs. Drugs usage also has a bad effect on love life. Use of drugs over a prolonged period can turn into impotence among males and result in pregnancy complications in females. This brings a sort of distance between the family members. An addicted person can any time abuse family members verbally or physically. Because of the above mentioned reasons many families are scattered or destroyed. Hence a drug user just faces the problem till the time of death but their respective families suffer for many long years.

2. Mental health

Drugs not only reduce the concentration power but also decrease the ability of humans. Drug users easily forget things their memory does not remain as sharp as it was earlier. Usage of drugs even makes a person brain respond slowly to any of the activity. Drugs influence makes a person less alert and aware. Such addiction also makes a person completely transformed and unpredictable. And its continuous use increases chances of severe mental illness among the victims of drugs. One of the most serious mental diseases caused by such consumption of drugs is schizophrenia. So in order to not lose mind avoid consumption of drugs.

1. Physical health

Most of the effects of drugs consumption are on the body of the drug user. Regular drugs consumption can make a person ill and it’s over usage can ultimately cause death. There is a huge list of diseases caused due to consumption of drugs some of them are hepatitis C, AIDS, heart attack, asthma, diabetes, eye distortion and many other. Just smelling drugs like marijuana have dangerous effect same as smoking causes. Most of the contact diseases are caused due to infected needles used for injecting drugs in the user body. Moreover these drugs utilize all the vitamins and minerals from the body resulting in malnutrition hence a weaker body prone to diseases. Drugs consumption also damages the physical appearance of the user. Use of drugs can damage even internal organs like livers, stomach, brain and lungs. Hence drugs consumption has immediate and ever lasting effects.


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