Top 10 Reasons why you should never eat Junk Food

We all love to eat pizza, Burger, Coke, French fires and hot dogs  in our daily routine. But while eating we forget that these junk food are causing damage to our health if they are eaten regularly. Change in lifestyle has made people more dependent on self made and junk food and has an adverse effect on their health. More than 15% Americans suffer from obesity due to their improper diet. These junk food causes damage to your kidney, liver and your heart as they are packed from many days and are not sold fresh. Gain in weight, obesity are some of the causes of high intake of junk food.You should avoid their intake regularly and can take them occasionally.

Here is the list of top 10 reasons why you should never eat junk food :

10. Low Nutritional Value

Junk food contains very low nutritional value in reality than it is given at the end of a chip wrapper. The food is loaded with fill of preservatives and has no -brain developing content. The sweeteners contain in the food increases your obesity level and can causes to high sugar problem or high blood pressure problem . The deep fried fries and the roasted chicken contains highest values of fats and are very unhealthy for your health. So if you want to have a healthy diet start eating fresh fruits and vegetables and quit junk food.

9. Environmental  Hazards

Yes, it is true junk food not only affect you health but also the environment. Research show that river Mississippi has suffered from water pollution as many  pollutants are added to the river by the factories that deals with the making of junk food and their covers. Our favorite pizza spot, dominoz is also responsible for causing air pollution as the heat of its  machines affect the environment. So you can protect both the environment and your health buy quitting junk food.

8. Artificial sweeteners worse than sugar

Artificial sweeteners are worse then sugar. They contain high level of chemicals and preservatives and chemical but are sold in the market with the tag f ‘natural’. The high fructose corn syrup also known as sweetener increases the obesity level in your body and can also increase the chances of high blood pressure and heart attacks. These chemicals can also cause you disease like thyroid.

7. Low Food Quality

The quality of ingredients. used in making junk is very low. It is almost stale as it is not prepared from the fresh stock. Eating such low quality of food can hamper your health and can cause you many disesae. The sauces used in making of these food item are made up of very low quaqlity ingredients. The shopkeeper  use cheaper products with low nutritional value to make food. Also the roasted meat and beef are also made of infected chick and cow. many of the chicken items are made up of the mechanically separated chicken and also contain a chemical known as TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone). If you eat 1 gram of it it can cause you serious level of illness an 5 gram can cause to even death.

6. Food Safety

The companies don’t even give training to the employees hired to do cooking and food handling. They are not given even the basic food safety education and training so that they can get a high turnover. Their is a very less food security as the employees working over the restaurants don’t even wash their  hands and dishes before serving. So you can save yourself from food poisisoning by quitting the junk food.

5. Full Of Antibiotics

The animals are made to live in crappy conditions that causes the bacteria to grow and affect their immune system. Such malnutrition animals are killed and are served with  burgers and pizzas. It is estimated that around 18,00 people die in US every year suffering from high resistant drugs found in the food items. The anibiotics level present in the junk food are unsafe for our health.

4.Disgusting Animal condition

The condition of animals, plants are really disgusting. They are kept in a non hygienic conditions and they are pre-mature as compared to their original growth. Research has shown animals are given injections and chemicals for their faster growth. If a animal is also sick or can’t be used in any dish then a lot of chemicals and preservatives are added to it. Researches has shown many people die yearly due eating of infected animal or plant in their diet.

3. Trans Fats

Junk food like french fries , burger, roasted chicken and sandwiches contain  high level of fats that can cause you obesity, heat attack and cardiac arrest. So you shouldthink twice before eating all these high fats stuff and move to healthy breakfast and food items.

2. Way to wait For Death

Regular intake of junk food is the way to death. Research has shown that people who take junk food regularly has lesser life span as compare to those who don’t take. It can cause to many harmful diseases also and can make your life miserable.


The main reason for you to quit fast food is the increase in obesity that is caused by the regular in take of the junk food. Research has shown that the children who take junk food can gain weight up to 6 pounds as compare to those who don’t take. More than 15 percent people are suffering from obesity. If the obesity is not controlled it can also cause death. New rules and regulations are enforced that allow only milk and fruits can be given to kids. Increase in obesity level can also increase the level of heart attack and high cholesterol. So if you want to have a healthier and a happy life you should quit junk food and start having healthy diet.


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