Top 10 Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda

If you think that drinking soda, Coke or any types of soft drinks only gets you to become fat, well you better go and check your sources again. Below are the 10 reasons why you should stop drinking soda as soon as possible:

10. Sodas are expensive

Considering the fact that sodas have no nutritional value, they are whopping expensive as well. A can of soda will already cost you $ 1 and since you can’t just be contented for just a can a day, imagine how many dollars will you spend on it every day.

9. Sodas increase the risk for cancer

Based on the studies made from the Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, people who consume a can or two of sodas have an increased risk of having pancreatic cancer than those who don’t.

8. Sodas are harmful to your teeth and bones

Sodas contain phosphoric acid, which prevents calcium absorption in the body. If you stop the absorption of calcium in your body, then, you will be prone in having fractures or breaking your bones for that matter.Sodas are also harmful to our teeth since it promotes cavities and decay, which prevents us in getting perfectly white teeth.

7. Sodas are bad to the environment

Soda cans and bottles are not recycled by people who use it, which is why you will see that millions of them are thrown into the landfills yearly.

stop drinking sodas

6. Sodas are addictive

The main reason why sodas have caffeine on is for people to get highly addictive on them. So, if you will notice, you experience a bad mood until you have that cold drink right in your hands, right?

5. Sodas cause digestion difficulties

Because of the phosphoric acid content in sodas, it disturbs the acid-alkaline balance of the stomach, thereby causing stomach inflammation, acid re-flux, digestion distress, and intestinal erosion.

4. Sodas don’t quench your thirst

If you are thirsty and you drink a soda to quench your thirst, well be prepared for your thirst won’t just go away. This is because a soda contains caffeine, which is the reason why you only feel thirstier instead of having a thirst satisfaction.

3. Sodas do not contain any nutrients

If you have the time to look at your soda’s label, you will see that it has no vitamins and minerals in it but it will get you a 250 calorie-intake once you consume a 20-ounce of soda bottle. Sodas only contain caffeine and sugar, and you should be well aware of that now.

2. Sodas put you at risk for heart diseases and diabetes

You will likely to develop a metabolic syndrome that increases your risk in having diabetes or heart disease if you get to consume a can or bottle of soda every day.

1. Sodas will make you become overweight or obese

Because of its high-calorie content, if you consume for more than two cans or bottles of sodas a day, you have a 54.5 % if getting obese or overweight in the future. Obesity is known to cause lots of health problems like gallstones, coronary heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and many more.


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