Top 10 Reasons To Say No To Euthanasia

Euthanasia is well known by the name, mercy killing. It is also called assisted killing, doctor assisted killing and physician assisted dying. It is an action taken by the terminally ill people to end their sufferings and pain. Some even think that euthanasia is a way of ending person’s life in a easy manner that can avoid pain. Many countries support the concept of euthanasia while there are many countries which are against this concept. Euthanasia is a wrong deed and should not be supported and we have the top 10 reasons to say no to euthanasia.

10. Ethical arguments:

Life is a gift by God. Euthanasia tends to lower down the belief of society in life. If you are in favor of euthanasia do you differentiate in the value of life for different people?? Killing a person just because he is incapable of doing thing we can do is ethically wrong. It actually means that the person who does not want to live is considered undesirable by the society. It is against our principle to kill someone who still have a breathing heart.  Euthanasia not only affects the right of the suffering man but it also affects the right of other people.


9. Practical arguments:

It is always not necessary to kill a person suffering from an incurable disease. If proper care is taken of the suffering man euthanasia is not necessary. If euthanasia is allowed then proper care is not taken of the lethally ill person. It evens weakens the pledge taken by nurses and doctors for saving lives. If euthanasia is allowed patient’s care would not be taken properly it will become a better and a cost efficient way to treat seriously ill people. If euthanasia is allowed it will put off the new researches and cures for treating the incurable diseases.

8. Religious arguments:

According to the religious considering killing a people is against the will and teachings of God. Some religions even believe that there is some value in suffering. Religious people also think that the right to decide about the death lies in God’s hand. Our life is a gift from God and it should not be our free will to take it away whenever we want to. If we kill our own self or ask someone else to do so we are going against God’s will and refuse God’s will over our life.

7. Life is a precious gift and should not be ended:

It is well known that a terminally ill people have to go through a lot of suffering and pain. But it does not imply that one should end his life to avoid the pain. Society should play an important role in helping them live their life as well as possible. This can be easily done by appointing a counselor for the ill person or helping the patient to bear the pain and suffering he is going through.

6. Euthanasia is based on wrong idea that ill person can lose his individuality

The people who are in favor of euthanasia often argues that a person who wish for euthanasia has lot their identity and they are not the same person they used to be. So according to them they have no meaning in living a life that has no identity. Human individuality is defined by the ongoing existence of the human body, it doesn’t matter if their mental power has reduced or vanished. Bodily individuality and identity should be given respect even though the personality of the person has changed.

5. If a person can live six more months let them live:

Euthanasia is only recommended for people who have no hopes for surviving more than six months. And six months is not a very long period to survive through the pain. Is death more desirable than living six more months of your life even though you have to bare some pain. Modern medicinal technologies have been discovered that can relieve you from the excruciating pain. Medicines are discovered that can heal the pain to a great extent. The six months that are left in the patient’s life should be made memorable instead of killing those months of his life. It is not necessary that the patient has to go through the pain and sufferings , medicines can be consumed to minimize the pain.

4. Moral reasons:

It is the moral duty of every person living in the society to decrease suicides and euthanasia is a form of suicide. If someone wants to kill himself it should be your moral responsibility to stop them from doing such a crime. Will you take the side of the person who will try to commit suicide by taking poison or will you go and get the poison yourself just because they wish to die. In the same manner you should not let a person die so that he can get rid of the pain he is going through.

3. Doctors should not be given power to kill someone:

According to the Hippocratic Oath taken by a doctor, a doctor should never do any harm to his patients; he should work in the best interest of the patient. This oath is the basis of medicinal ethics. How can a doctor let his patient die if he can live some more months just because he is suffering from pain? Instead they should help the patient to reduce the pain and sufferings he is going through. A doctor is regarded as a healer in the society and if a doctor supports euthanasia he is ruining his image in the society.

2. Grief and pain the family goes through:

The family of the person will be under the burden of letting their loved one kill himself. Many terminally people desire to be killed just because they don’t want to be a burden on their family. They don’t want their family and friends to see them going through he pain. So they go for euthanasia not for their self interest but to reduce the guilt. They don’t try to understand the pain their family has to face after their death. So to reduce the pain and guilt the family will face euthanasia should not be allowed.

1. Euthanasia portrays a wrong example for other people:

Something wrong done with the right motive will always remain wrong. Whatever we do now we are setting an example for a future generation and they will follow our footsteps. If we let them think that euthanasia is not wrong they will learn that. They will want to end their life even if they have no excruciating pain. Just because they are incapable of something they will try to kill themselves. So we should set a right example in front of them and should stand against euthanasia.



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