Top 10 Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alchol is legal in any country but that does’t mean that it is good for health. Alcohol is considered as slow poison that kills you slowly by damaging your lungs, intestine, kidney and heart. With the changing lifestyle alcoholism has become a very common activity. It is a myth among the people that occasional alcohol is not bad for health, but the fact is that even the occasional health is responsible for nervous breakdown, memory loss, vitamin deficiencies and liver swelling. Regular alcohol consumption can lead you even more adverse situations like complete damage of pancreas, heart and immune system. It is well said proverb that’ Prevention is better than cure’, it would be better for you to stop alcoholism at the right age so that it does’t leave you in a situation of repend. There are many institutions and centers worldwide that help people to quit alcohol and live a healthy and happy life.

Here is the list of top 10 reasons to quit drinking Alcohol :

10. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 

Recent scientific research in New York has concluded that if a women drinks alcohol during pregnancy  then there are chances that her child could have Fetal alcohol syndrome. In fetal alcohol syndrome a child is born with deformed facial structures, abnormally developed joints and limbs, learning problems, shorter size as compare to other babies and weight less. Your baby could also suffer from many nutritional deficiencies. You can also have poor health after your delivery and can suffer from many nutritional deficiencies.

9. Better Work Performance

If you quit alcohol then you might have better performance in work. Regular alcohol consumption results in learning problems ad also affect your concentration power. If you quit alcohol you can completed your work in time and that to with great concentration. It will help you in getting promotion and will increase status in your office. Quitting alcohol will also help in increasing your learning power. You can easily remember things.

8. Improve Relationship With Your Family

Generally the person who had bad drinking habit is not liked by the family and is ignored by all. If you quit alcohol it will help in improving the relation with your family. You will spend more time with your family rather than at bars. You can also time with your kids that will help you in interacting with your kids and understanding them. Regular alcohol lead in decreasing your bank balance and affects your economical situation.

7. Sleep deficiencies

Regular consumption of alcocol lead to sleep deficiencies. It is advised  by the doctors even that eight hours of sleep is necessary for the human body. The excess of alcohol consumption is related to the night body arousal and sleep fragmentation. Regular drinking also result in less REM sleep. So, if you quit drinking you could have a sound sleep and and can take care of your body properly. Adequate sleep hour will help you to concentrate better in your work and have a healthy life. If the ratio of REM decreases in our body then it also led to insomnia.

6. Adverse Effect of  Drugs In Alcohol 

The drugs present in the  alcohol have very  bad impact on our muscle and joints. The  alcohol contains many drugs like antihistamines, opioids,barbiturates, antibiotics, pain medications and antidepressants. These drugs cause liver problems and drowsiness. According to the research of university of London the drugs present in alcohol make your body weak day by day. It is considered as slow poison that affect our organs slowly and later it is difficult to overcome.

5. Low Academic performance

Drinking alchcol in early age of your life can even affect your academics performance.  In 2005 a study conducted in University of  Wisconsin-Lacrosse showed that the children who start drinking at their college age and live in bad company has much lower academic performance as compared to those who live in a good company and don’t drink. Alcoholism can affect your career and job as it affects your learning power and concentration power. So to have a good academic performance and a bright career you should quit drinking.

4. Pancreas Problem

Regular drinking of alcohol also lead to adverse effect on your pancreas. It stimulates pancreas secretion and impair the production of additional pancreatic enzymes. It leads to weak digestion and inability to absorb nutrients and calcium that directly affect your immune system and digestive system. Regular alcoholism also cause disease like  pancreatic dis function. It can also cause liver and kidney damage. So, you can protect your pancreas by quitting alcohol.

3. Vitamin Deficiency

Excessive drinking also causes vitamin deficiency. Due to regular drinking vitamins are not able to absorb the body that results in many diseases. Vitamin B- 6, Vitamin B- 12, folate of your body,Vitamin A, thiamine get diminished from your body. It also results in loss of Zinc through urine, limit the absorption of zinc that causes anemia. So, your life is in your own hands preventing the loss of vitamins and restoring them. So, it can be one of the reason to quit alcohol.

2. Memory and Learning Problems

Regular drinking also effect the memory and learning capability. It causes the damage of tissue and brain shrinkage. This result in your poor memory, you are not able to learn anything or recognize, it may also lead to poor calculation and competing in problem solving tasks. It may also lead to anterograde amnesia that causes in forming new memories. Even in occasional drinking it makes it difficult for the individual to recognize or remember things.

1. Healthy And Happy Life

This the best reason why you should quit drinking. regular or occasional drinking leads to several kinds of problem that affect both your personal and professional life. So, for having a happy life you should quit drinking.



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