Top 10 Reasons to Donate Blood

Life is the most precious and valued possession. We will get the chance to live just once , once we are gone we mean no more. It is only our existence that seems to be able to create a difference.  It does not take much to do something constructive. It does not demand more than a little effort to change someone’e life . You can be a hero in your own way. like doctors are heroes. they like any superhero save so many lives. You can also contribute to the effort.We can do that donating blood. We have health that others don’t. And in our own little way we can be the life savior. Here are the top 10 reasons to donate blood.

10. Social service.

Our heart derives great pleasures from tiny act of goodness. Be it helping a blind cross the street or making a crying baby smile. just imagine the contentment it can derive from saving a life. Yes this is exactly what you do when you donate blood. You contribute to the welfare of the society. The blood you donate is used for all those people around you who are in need. in short you help in the betterment and maintenance of society health. It indeed gives your heart a unique happiness.

9. No other source of blood.

Although has made remarkable progress in the field of medical science, there still many hurdles in its way.  Like we all know there are still numerous diseases which as if now are incurable. Many patients get tolerant to the medicines they have been administering. Like wise, there are still no means through which human blood can be created. The efforts are going on and at times we hear about a breakthrough but as if today there are no stable artificial sources of blood. Human beings are the only source of human blood. So if we don’t donate blood there will be no other way of obtaining blood for the needy. This is why an adult should actively donate blood.

8. It cannot be stored.

If you think that you have donated blood once and your job of contributing to the society is over then you are wrong. Blood is not something that can be stored for long. Outside the body it readily decomposes and solidifies. It can be stored only for a short while after is withdrawn from the body. The storage is under cool and optimum conditions but not for long. Hence it is very important for the blood banks and hospitals to get a continuous supply of blood so that it is always available when needed. Hence an adult should donate blood after every 3- 4 months.

7. Saving life.

What makes this blood donation so important is the fact that human body cannot function properly or rather cannot function at all if the minimum requirement is not met. During any injury the first thing to lose is blood. If its a major accident or burns then you can’t even imagine how easily and rapidly an individual loses blood. For such cases if immediately they are not provided with blood in sufficient amounts the chances of their survival are next to no. Hence it is very important to keep donating blood. You never know who was blessed with life with your little act of kindness.

6. Chronic diseases.

I am sure  you have heard about Thalassemia . It is a genetic disorder meaning that an individual is born with the disease. In this the body produces hemoglobin which is not normal and causes destruction of the blood cells leading to various complication.  The most probable solution for theses patients is regular blood transfusions. Also disease like blood cancer if detected in the early stages can be helped to some extent by blood transfusions. These patients are totally dependent on the availability of blood. If there are no donors out there uncountable people will die. Hence it is very essential to donate blood.

5. Maintenance of normal life.

it is not that blood is required only when the patients are in a deadly situation. Like i said blood is essential for normal functioning of the body. Your blood contains iron which is a the oxygen carrier in your body. It contains white cells which are responsible for defending your body against diseases. it contains blood clotting factors etc. At times patient is in need of one of these elements. Severe anemic patients have to transfused with blood. The WBC’s and plasma fractions are isolated from the healthy human blood and provided to patients as an when needed. This helps in fulfilling their requirement and helping them to cope up with the short coming of their body.

4. Health.

People have this misconception that donating blood will get them weakness in return. They argue that if blood is so essential for life why should that lose their blood in the name of blood donation. This is due to lack of awareness and hence so much efforts are being  put in advertising blood donation drives and need. the fact is that donating blood you makes an individual healthy. The blood that you give enhances your body’s ability to generate blood. For men it is very essential because with age it happens that men tend to suffer from iron deposition in the body which leads to various complications. Hence donating blood makes you and others healthy.

3. Other benefits.

Its not just health that you receive from donating blood. The act of kindness brings with it many other benefits. For example , when someone receives blood in the hospital, the first condition set before is that someone from the relatives have to in return donate blood. This often creates a problem. if you have donated blood in the past then you are given the donor’s certificate using which you and your family members can take blood without having to get a donor first. And since it gives you a overall good health and social well being it adds to the fulfillment of your life. hence you lose nothing by donating blood you only gain.

2. Its safe and easy.

This in particular for those people who have a phobia of needles. Since childhood we are threatened from needles and doctors and most of us carry this fear to our adulthood. But it is nothing to fear of. While donating blood you don’t even realize that there is a syringe in your hand. There are well established professionals around and every care is taken to maintain the donors safety. No needles are reused and each donor is given a fresh set of requirements. The donors are even guided for their health. You get a free medical counselling  So one should definitely donate blood.

1. To know your blood.

Whenever you go to donate blood the first thing thy do is check your blood hemoglobin level. This gives you the estimation of the iron content in your blood. Also you come to know your blood group. The collected blood at the blood bank is tested for infections and other diseases and if found the donor is informed. Hence the donor gets a full detailed information about his health. hence blood should be donated.

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