Top 10 Reasons to Become Doctor

Doctor, a word when heard directly reminds us of a person wearing a white coat and a stethoscope around his neck. A doctor can have many departments and also many designations. Studying medicines is considered as the noblest and the most prestigious profession among all others because the doctors help in saving the life of mankind. They work for a noble cause without any selfish intentions. They are filled with human traits like patience; generosity, politeness and many more. They can choose to be a paediatrician who deals with children, gynaecologists dealing with females, geriatrics who deal with old age people, ophthalmologists who deal with eyes, orthodontists dealing with teeth and many more. Here are the top ten reasons why doctors are considered as the noblest profession:

10. Good memory

Doctors are known for their sharp and long lasting memory. They must have a good memory as they have to keep in mind a lot of things while dealing with a patient. Whenever a patient describes his symptoms then doctor hears them and recollect all the information which helps them to figure out what kind of a disease the person is suffering from. Thus they must have a good memory so that they are able to recollect all their knowledge at the time when required.  They even remember what medicines are to be prescribed for a particular ailment and what methodologies are adopted to cure the patient.

9. Friendly and Polite

Pursuing the noblest profession, doctors are very friendly with their patients. They are not concerned with the age of their patient. Whether it is a 6 year old child or a 60 year old person, they talk to them in a warm way. Generally it is believed that half of the patient is healed with the way the doctor deals with them. Sometimes a doctor talks to his patient in a very stubborn manner, frightening the patient. Doctors talk to their patients in a polite manner, listens all their woes very calmly. All these characteristics can be found only with a doctor that is why their profession is considered as the noblest.

8. Dedicated towards the country

Doctors are those people who choose to serve for their nation without any selfish motives.  They choose to study medicine and if they practice it in their own country then they are none less than a hero. This is also one of the reasons why the doctors are called as the noblest people on this earth. They work for their own country unlike other people who study in their country and then set up their business abroad in order to have to better earnings.

7. Learning throughout their life

Doctors are required to learn throughout their lives. There are constant challenges which are met in the field of healthcare so he is required to be well updated with the latest technology to solve the health problems. Since there are always many researches going on various new health issues so he must have enough knowledge about it. Every day the doctors are encountered with new problems so to solve them, they are required to learn constantly throughout their lifetime.

6. Indispensable

Doctors are one of the most important leads in our lives in today’s world where one out of every three persons is suffering from some ailment. Due to increasing pollution and other environment related issues many new diseases have been discovered which were never heard before. So being in touch with a doctor is necessary. Nowadays most of the families have their own family doctor whom they can call whenever required. We all must be grateful to the doctors for their selfless help and 24×7 services available to us. Since no one in this world has 100% strong immune system, he feels sick once in his lifetime so doctors can never be ignored.

5. Respected by all

Whenever we hear the word “doctor: respect comes from within the heart. Doctor is a profession which is respected by each and every person living in this world and the society as a whole. They live in the society with a dignity, pride and have their own social status. They are often admired by the patients for their hard work, intelligence and ethical values. This is considered as the most prestigious profession as the doctors serve their whole life for the welfare of the people without any selfish motives.

4. Patient Listener

The reason why the doctor is called as the noblest profession is that it tests the patience of the doctors. Doctors have to be very patient while dealing with their patients. They must be calm and compose when the patient is telling his problems. Many a times there are cases where the patient is very irritating and annoying but the job of doctors is to listen them peacefully and so as they do. Doctors are full of human qualities and patience is one of them. They always talk to their patients in a very polite manner and never get irritated and always try their level best to heal the wounds of the sick.

3. Responsible person

Doctors are the most responsible person in their profession as they are the saviors of lives. They have to take care of every single detail of a patient. Being a doctor means having loads of responsibilities. Since doctors can have different departments and also different designations thus they have different responsibilities depending on their department and work. For example, a doctor has to take care of the person’s health, visit him regularly for his check-up. A surgeon has to take care that all the instruments are present and are properly used during the surgery. A chemist keeps in his mind that he gives the correct medicines as per the doctor’s prescription etc. etc.

2. Next to god

People consider doctors as the “saviors” of their lives. Doctors are always given a special treatment. They are treated next to god. They can be always figured out even if they are standing in a huge crowd. Doctors are always important and play a vital role in a person’s life. They prove to be a ray of hope in a person’s life. People approach the doctors with all the hope that they will cure their kins and save their life. They completely rely upon them when the patient is severe and struggling for his life. It is the most demanding professions throughout the globe.

1. Life saver

The profession of doctors is considered as the noblest of all others. Doctors are the ones who save the lives of the people at the time of critical situations. They cure all the diseases and provide solutions for other ailments. Whenever anyone suffers from any problem whether it is common cold, mental disorder, heart problem or any other complication in the body the doctors are always there to serve them. There are a variety of doctors varying from field to field like neurologists, psychiatrist, cardiologist, chiropractor, ophthalmologists, orthodontists etc. etc. Dealing with every kind of issues makes the doctors most noble in the society. They have a standard in the society and live their life with dignity.

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