Top 10 Reasons to Stay Away From Facebook

Social networking rules the world today. FaceBook, for instance, has around 835 million users all over the world. Surveys have also shown that an average social networker spends 25 percent of the total time which he spends on the internet on social networking. Although social networking has become an integral part of life and it does erase geographical boundaries between acquaintances, there are a lot of reasons why you should stay away from it. A recent report suggested that too much of virtual networking can bring alterations in human behavior. Here are Top 10 Reasons to stay away from FaceBook.

10. You value your privacy


Despite all the privacy policies and disclaimers which social networking sites claim to have, many sites do sell information to marketing companies. They call it lead generation; you call it breach of privacy. There is nothing which you can actually do to prevent the breach because there is no proof that your information gets sold. The best thing which you can do is to avoid putting in your personal information. But if you cannot share your personal things, what is the whole point in social networking? Another major offshoot of this kind of breach of privacy is identity theft. With all your information easily available on the platform, identity thieves are sure having a field day.

9. You do not want to get into trouble with faceless “friends”


Social networking sites get you a lot of friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, many of whom mean nothing to you. You do not know them and sometimes, the chain goes so long that you lose track of how you got the person’s contact. Here is where security issues arise. You probably assume that the person on the other side of the satellite is your friend’s friend and so, you might end up trusting and sharing a lot of things with them. Such faceless friends spell danger. The best defense is to avoid social networking altogether because there is no way of knowing who is genuine and who is not.

 8. You want to protect yourself from social networking addiction


One of the leading problems with social networking is its addictive nature. You get so accustomed to networking over the computer that you begin to get restless if you cannot access the platform for a day. Also, there are reports of people who stopped their routine activities to spend time on FaceBook. In facts, psychologists have even quantized this sort of addiction. The most dangerous thing is that you never know when you end up being an addict, which makes you defenseless against the addiction.

 7. You prefer friends whom you can meet and hang out with in the real world


There are no substitute for real world friends. No amount of typing, pinging or mailing can help you bond with a person they way a warm handshake or a hug can. With social networking, people tend to ping even when they can just walk across the street and meet the same friend. Such behavior is against the laws of social bonding and can be detrimental to societal ties.

 6. Relationships on social networking end at the click of a mouse


Relationships on social networking are not long lasting. All you need to do to break a relationship is block the person from your page, for which, you only need a few clicks of the mouse. Such relationships are not healthy.

 5. You do not gain any long term benefits


What are the benefits which you gain by social networking ten years down the line? You will probably have added a thousand new friends who do not mean much to you, but that is about it. There is nothing constructive which you can glean from social networking. So, it is for your own good that you don’t invest hours into a zero return objective.

 4. You don’t want to end up being a zombie


Social networking can turn you into a real zombie. You begin living in a world of make-belief. You begin daydreaming more. Gradually, social networking becomes your comforter. You withdraw within yourself and start your computer whenever you feel stressed out. You begin losing your human characteristics and developing zombie character traits.

 3. You don’t want to ruin your health


Spending hours in front of the computer ruins your health. You grow fat, your metabolism rate ends up being pathetic, your mental prowess takes a beating and your overall health falls to the nadir. You might also end up with more serious problems such as infertility, diabetes and cardio problems because of your passive lifestyle. So, get out of the chair once your work is done.

 2. You don’t want to dream about social networking


There is nothing more beautiful in life than waking up in the morning after a very pleasant dream. However, social networking can rob you of this simple yet profound pleasure. This is something like the Harry Potter Fever. You begin to live social networking, eat social networking, drink social networking and ultimately, dream social networking. Sadly, sweet dreams disappear from your itinerary.

 1. Social networking creates distances


Technology cannot create emotions. In fact, technology does the opposite. It reduces emotions because everything is digital and electronic. You cannot feel the presence of a human body, which makes you sort of detached. So, despite being connected all the time, distances between people grow.

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