Top 10 Reasons for Weight Gain and Obesity

Life has become easy hasn’t it?? the advent of technology has made daily life for mankind hustle free.  We enjoy cool breeze in the house no matter what centigrade it is outside, reaching the top floor is no more a burden – we bag a lift in the speedy lifts, cars , bikes etc have made travelling fun !!!  but sadly , somewhere this luxurious lifestyle has brought with it some serious ill-effects .. weight gain and obesity being very prominent of those !!! its a common scenario for the 21st century people to see those extra kilos on men and women and nowadays even kids around !!! what could be the reason?? here are the top 10 reasons to weight gain which ultimately leads to obesity..!!!

10. Hereditary

yes, you heard me right. Obesity can be hereditary.  In certain families gaining weight runs in generations.  It is the genes in your body that are responsible for the metabolism and storage of  fat in your body.  With faulty  expression of these genes the body tends to store a lot of fat in the body !!! Although a very important reason behind obesity it is number 10 on my list because it simply controls the fat that is consumed;  if the consumption of fat is controlled this reason for obesity can be controlled!!!!!


9. Eating habits

in this busy life, it is not uncommon for people to rush in the morning for their offices and meetings and schools etc. In doing so most of the people skip their breakfast which said to be the most important meal of the day. people starve themselves in the day and then when home tend to eat to make up for the whole day.  also some people tend to have very big morsels and some people don’t chew their food properly. researchers have established that having big morsels and not chewing your food properly adds to your weight. it is also proven that people who skip breakfast and dinner tend to gain weight easily!!


8. Alcoholism.

alcohol when taken in small amount before meal works as an appetizer. it is  established that people who consume alcohol before meals tend to eat more than their normal diet. also people who consume lot of alcohol like 10 to 14 drinks a week have found to be prone to weight gain and obesity  . alcohol disturbs the bodily mechanisms and alter its ability to metabolize fat . it increases he body’s  triglyceride level and chronic alcoholics are often obese !!


7. Carbs and sugars.


on the mission to loose weight people give up on the fatty content in the meal.  they tend to restrict themselves when it comes to fat.  one very important thing they ignore.  in the body the carbohydrates are broken down to simple sugar that is glucose and is utilized for bodies daily energy needs. the excess is stored in the liver as glycogen. when the liver has exceed its limits the sugar is broken down and converted to fat and stored in the body. thus simply restricting the fat intake is not the solution , one must also keep a check on the carbs and sugar intake. carbs are not only in your sweet dishes but also in breads , rice, wheat, banana, mango etc. keep a check on your carbs consumption !!!


6. Unbalanced diet and food quality .

each individual is different. we all have our personal preferences when it comes to eating.  Despite the varied tastes it is very important to have a balanced diet. it is important to understand one thing about the body – carbohydrates is its first source of energy ; second is the fat ; and third the last resource is proteins   when an individual cuts on carbs and fats the body is forced to take energy from proteins which is not preferred and hence the body sets a craving for the needed sources. people on a strict diet often after a few days feel unusual craving to have oily and sweet stuff . This is body’s way of getting what it wants. balance your diet properly. do not deprive your body of  anything.  have little portions of everything. using oil which is unprocessed and have large free also adds to calories.  Switch your regular bread with brown bread have sea food which is rich in omega fatty acids.

5. Stress


stress is a part of our lives now.  in the chase to meet all the needs we are subjected to numerous stressful gestures.  be it pleasing the boss or be it the examinations.  Be it a break up or quarrel with the beloved partner. We just cannot skip stress.  Stress alters the hormonal level which disrupt body’s ability to metabolize food.  Also many individuals  tend to eat a lot when under stress.  They suffice their emotional needs with consuming ice creams or sweets or simply over eating food .  They don’t even realize that unknowingly they are inviting their biggest enemy – Obesity !!!


4. Diseases .

as i mentioned earlier the 21st century people hen on one hand are blessed with the ultimate comforts ; on the other hand are cursed with a number of diseases .  It is a misconception that diseases  tend to make a person lose weight.  Well not every disease does that.  Hypothyroidism – a disease wherein the endocrine gland thyroid situated in the nape of your neck fails to produce sufficient amount of hormone. thyroid hormone thyroxine is required for the metabolic needs of the body.  when body does not get it it tends to slows with metabolism and starts accumulation fat leading to weight gain and obesity.  cushing’s  syndrome is another disease wherein a person gets obese.  Women suffering from ovarian cysts also put on weight rapidly.  If your body feels lethargic and you are putting on weight rapidly well get your self a blood test done !!!


3. Medication.


with the diseases comes the medication.  no matter how much we have advanced in the health sciences.  no matter what the ads and manufacturers say ; no medicine is deficit of side effects .  various medicines when on one hand cure your illness they secretly introduce other health problems.  people who are diabetic and consume sulfonyl urea class of medicine tend to put on weight which i s a side effect of this class of drug.  women who consume contraceptive pills also put on weight which is a side effect of having contraceptive pills as they alter the body’s hormonal levels. Patients who are on anti depressant and anti psychotic drugs also put on weight.


2. Junk Food


I know it pains to hear this but your junk food is one of the leading causes of obesity especially in young adults and children .  hanging out with friends and grabbing a bite of the burgers and having a sip of the famous aerated drinks who doesn’t love it. !!!  You should know that the junk food contains a lot of fat in it.  also the added flavors and preservatives are not at all good for the health. what you don’t know is that the junk food also contain appetizers which tend to enhance your calorific intake.  the aerated drinks contain a lot of sugar approximately 7 spoons of sugar in a 200 ml of drink.  all the people who love to stay in shape avoiding the junk doesn’t sound like a bad option at all !!!


1. Lack of Exercise


Yes undoubtedly the number 1 reason leading to obesity.  we all are very busy with our lives and  have no time for anything that is not fun.  come on lets not fool ourselves.  ask yourself when was the last time you took a morning walk or went for a jog.  we are accustomed to the luxuries so much we just don’t wanna sweat it out.  exercise helps you to burn the extra calories and enhances your body’s ability to digest and combat stuff not required.  cars and bikes have spoiled us to such an extent we just don’t want to walk.  take out time for your self.  eating is not a problem if you are burning the unrequired calories.  So eat and still stay in shape with just a little bit of exercise!!!!


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