Top 10 Natural ways to Cure Headache-Simple Steps

In this fast moving world where no one is having a single second to waste for other faces the most common problem of headache, which is more annoying then painful. But now fortunately you don’t have to tackle or entertain that bloody headache like past – you can cut that crap now very easily and fast and along with that you are available with loads of options too for curing headache. We all know that we mostly rely on drugs for the relief like aspirin, which is very famous for curing headaches. But we also know that natural therapies are much more beneficial and long running too. Well now after trying these ten easy natural ways to cure headache you will definitely love them. So have a look:



Exercise firstly may not be so easy for you to perform but gradually it’ll become your habit of doing exercise as you are get better results out of exercise. Exercise helps to improve circulation and blood flow in your body, which will result in reaching more blood and oxygen to your brain. This really helps in preventing the headache to return.


calcium rich orange juice

Calcium is the one of most important nutrient required for our growth and development. Calcium helps in increasing the blood flow in our body, which indirectly helps blood to reach to our brain and therefore prevents headache to return or come frequently. Calcium helps us in relaxing our muscles too which help in easing a pain little. Supplement of both magnesium and calcium are too helpful in relieving headaches. On daily basis we should take a large glass of milk or a glass of orange juice will definitely help a lot.

 8. DIET


Mostly amongst us don’t follow a particular diet plan and use to have daily different kinds of food. And you must be surprise to know that sometimes even food is responsible for our headache. They have trigger to have a headache? Then it is very much important to discard them at first from your daily diet. Everyone has different food routine so this varies from person to person that which food affects one or which food doesn’t affects other, so it is important to closely see what you eat  and when these “headache attacks” occur. In fact of possible we should keep a proper track of headaches.


be realaxed

As said earlier we are living in a fast moving world where we are busy 24X7, and are left with no time to get little relaxed or to enjoy the life. This headache is just to tell you that you are overstressed and overburdened with pressure. The best way to come out of this kind of headache is to lie down in a room with lights switched off and close your eyes and take a rest for a while. During this don’t let any stressful thing to come into your mind and think of something soothing and the thing which gives you calmness and happiness. I bet this theory will definitely deal with your attack and will prevent it coming soon. This theory is often ignored declaring it as a waste of time but it’s really helpful and is recommended by experts. In fact try to have at least 8 hours sleep a day.


Usually when a headache attacks us, our body gets a little warmer and this really makes us uncomfortable and this feeling is more irritating than painful. For this try to calm yourself first and then take a bath or if that not possible then take a cold towel and put it on the spot where the pain is localized and take a rest for about ten to fifteen minutes. This will give you a soothing calmness and will reduce your headache   to a great extent.


pressure massage

Usually when the headache attacks you it’s may be possible that from a particular point which pains the most and the it gradually spreads all over. We should try to find out that particular point and then with your thumb put a pressure on that point for four to five minutes. This will take sometimes to reduce pain but will definitely give you an excellent result if you are regular going to do and do it in a proper way.


hot water shower

This therapy you should try on daily basis or rather make this your daily habit of taking your morning shower with little warm water. Let this warm water to fall on your head and go down through your neck and back. This will help in relaxing your muscles. This will really help you and in fact it will help you more if you use aromatherapy soap’s. And try to go for spas too, the massage over there will allow a better blood circulation.



Aromatherapies as mentioned earlier, makes your mind relaxed and reduces headache attacks too. Not only that, it actually has eliminated your pain completely. You try to use those products which have got different   and sweet fragrances which are not to strong like use deos, candles, oils and talc’s even. This therapy is very famous and it actually works too. Try to go for a walk in different parks and gardens too, it will refresh your mind and will keep you away from tensions.


soothing head massage

Massage is very much recommended and is very easy too. Its just try to extract fifteen to twenty minutes from your busy schedule and then have a healthy and deep massage of your body which will increase the blood circulation of your body and removes body pain. And also in a same take a massage of your head too with soothing fragrance oil will quickly helps you in getting rid of your headache.



The most important and the best medicine for each every disease is water. The water you can say is the first and foremost thing which each and every expert or a doctor is going to recommend since this is thing which for sure can keep you cool, calm and relaxed. In this you just have to do is to take a large glass, fill it with clear, cool and distilled water and then drink that. This therapy seems too easy, right? Well, then you are right its best easiest technique to cure your headache, just drink at least one to two litre water each day.

So this how you saw that how different natural therapies work and that too without taking much time of yours. All these therapies are also free of cost since no cost is incurred to adopt these therapies; you just have to take a proper diet, do regular exercise, drink sufficient amount of water, and all the things mentioned above.

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