Top 10 Natural Ways to Cure Acne

Acne is one of the common and major problems for teenagers and adults which may occur anytime any season as  a result of which one feel irritated and not fresh. Due to presence of undesirable impurities acne or pimples may occur on face on the other hand some people may have it due to excessive oil on face and many more. To avoid pimples people always prefer to apply such creams or face wash so  that they are finished but for a time being one can remove but it may reoccur due to various reasons. One should always rely upon some of the natural ways so that slowly and steadily they are permanently removed from the face plus any marks doesn’t remain. Here are some natural ways to cure acne.

10. Sunshine


During winters its important for the body to get sufficient amount of sunshine which keeps one active and increases flow of oxygen in the body. Sunshine provides vitamin D to the skin which help in making one tension free its common people often escapes to have sunlight on the face due to pimples or other face problems rather they should provide sunlight to the face so that skin gets vitamin D and pores are open until and unless they are advised by Doctor. One should be careful  while providing heat to the skin that skin should not get excessive heat which may close or block pores which lead to further problem.

9. Remain tension free

In this hard core life its important for a human being to remain tension free so that health and life remains healthy and       active otherwise if one remain busy and tension-ed it may ruins  one life as it may worsen one life if not paid attention.   One should always remain cheerful and happy by engaging in fun loving and happy activities which individual consider interesting or the one which makes one happy. In such a situation over burdened mind may cause health problems such as hypertension which further invite more common problems which are not so noticed such as acne or pimples.

8. Exercise

Exercise is one of the natural way to remain fit and free from all tensions and problems and acne is the part of the problems which can be cured from exercise. Exercise not only remains one active but increases blood circulation which help one body to eliminate toxins and keep oneself clean so that problems doesn’t arise. More vigorous exrecise results in sweating thus help body to eliminate toxins thus their is no accumulation of the waste material in the body thus no creation of acne or oily glands.

7. Keeping oneself clean

This is one of the duty or responsibility to keep oneself clean so that any internal or external problem doesn’t arise and one lead happy healthy life. Acne problem is common if one doesn’t washes face regularly or keep body clean as oil glands keep on extracting oil thus accumulation on the face results in pimples and acne. One should avoid touching face with hands frequently without any reason as our hands mostly have bacteria these enter our body and face and cause problems.

6. Avoid cosmetic products


These days cosmetic products are common and famous which are available in the market to make oneself beautiful in notion that they will hide all the marks and scars. It is the wrong statement as these products contains chemicals which have side effects thus further worsen ones skin on the other hand may clog pores causing blackheads or acne. While using cosmetics one should be careful  about few things such as regularly cleaning brushes, using water based cosmetics and not to sleep with makeup only this will infect your skin overnight and cause various problems.

5. Drink water

It has been discovered that water consumption not only provides ability to healing problems but as our body requires moisture thus give glow to the face. Water can be consumed in any form whether it is refreshment drink or simple eight glasses of water which purify body and bloodstream thus reducing the risk of any health problems. Its important for a body as well as skin to be moistened so that on regular intervals body get alarmed to have something such as provide liquid to the body on the other hand skin gets cured from acne or pimple problems.

4. Avoid oily food

Body health and skin charm depends on nutrition level of the food intake taken by anyone such as Vitamin A food, having more of protein and chromium which increases the ability of the skin to fight against skin problems and healing acne and pimples. Person suffering from acne or skin disease should avoid the intake of oily and high iodine food as it leads to accumulation of oil in the glands and cause problem.

3. Don’t press pimple

It’s very common people try to press or remove it themselves by pricking with the hand to give satisfaction that it is removed but they doesn’t know they are inviting more pimples as this action increase sebum production and damage skin membranes. This frequent action increases infection and more pimples arise due to spreading of sebum. This small action not only increases pimples or more face problems but pricking may result in leaving scars on the face which never goes whether it is small or big. This mark or scars should not be taken lightly as this can spoil your face or even keep the scar forever such small and deliberate actions should not be done.

2. Wash face as much as can

It is always advisable to wash face with simple water or sulphur based soap as many times possible this will keep ones face clean from dirt or impurities. People mostly use face wash of market produce rather they should not be used as they also contains chemicals which may react on the skin making it more difficult to cure. People having oily skin or having acne problem is advised to have soap with Benzoyl Peroxide  as it removes dead skin, oil and bacteria from the skin and making it clean thus no pimple or acne problem. While washing one should be careful that over wash of the face may stimulate sebacous glands which may further produce sebum and increase the problem.

1. Home remedy products

One of the best way to cure acne problem is by using some of the home based remedies such as applying fruits pulp, gram flour and milk . By applying honey for some amount of time on affected areas or on whole face can cure acne rather save skin for further reactions. Extract of lemon or garlic juice can be used as a toner and one can massage on the face which gives freshness to the skin and further solve the problem. Some of the uncommon food products can be used on the face as a healer such as powdered oatmeal can be used as  a mask on the face for 10- 15 minutes. Such home based remedies not only provide relaxation but assure you of no side effects.


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