Top 10 Most Painful Diseases in the World

Pain. You face it more or less every day. Physical pain or mental pain. And pain is bearable. But there are times when this pain is immense. It takes the form of agony. There are a whole lot of things which causes pain but when we talk of physical pain. Related to the body. Health comes into mind. There are hundreds of diseases prevailing today in this world. We list here the top ten painful diseases of the world:

10. Arthritis

Arthritis is an infection of joints. It can cause inflammation in more than one joint. Such infections are due to wear and tear of cartilage which ensures smooth movement of bones. The joints feel stiff and swell due to infection in a joint. Arthritis can be of different types such as rheumatoid arthritis which causes bending of joints and osteoarthritis causes swelling and frozen bones. Arthritis is treated by surgery of joints. Other than this hot massage and packs can give temporary relief. Medications are generally for pain relief. Exercise routine should also be followed.

9. Ebola hemorrhagic fever

Ebola hemorrhagic fever is caused by Ebola virus. As the name suggests it is bleeding due to damage of blood vessels. About 90 % of the patients could not survive this disease. The patients die due to shock or low blood pressure rather than from blood loss. The symptoms include vomiting, headache, fever, joint aches, internal as well as external bleeding. Ebola virus not only affects humans but also other primates. Fruit bats are known to be reservoir of this disease. Ebola virus can infect a healthy person through contact with an infected person. Therefore patient should be kept separately and his belongings should not be reused and waste should be disposed properly to avoid further spread of this disease.

8. Shingles (herpes zoster)

Shingles is caused by virus herpes zoster. It is among the most painful diseases. The pain is due to blisters and rashes formed on skin. The same virus causes chicken pox but in shingles it affects the nerves causing neural disorder. The risk of getting this disease increases with age , however it can also effect children. Its symptoms include rashes, temporary paralysis, genital sores, stomach disorder etc. A single dose of shingles vaccine after the age of 60 can help to prevent or reduce the extremity of the disease

7. Kidney stone

Kidney stone or Renal calculus is formation of pebbles due to accumulation of salts, minerals or calcium in the kidney. It mainly causes problem when stones enter the ureter or urinary bladder it obstruct the flow of urine thus causes immense pain in lower abdomen. During kidney problems patients are recommended to drink plenty of water. Medicines should be taken strictly according to doctors prescription. It is also found to be hereditary. But usually inadequate diet is the culprit.

6. Ulcerative colitis

Ulcerative colitis is the formation of ulcers in colon and rectum. It is indicated by a severe pain in abdomen or abdominal cramps can be felt. Symptoms also include tiredness, undergrowth in children, loss of weight and appetite. Bleeding in gastrointestinal tract and pus and blood in stool confirms the disease. It can be caused by physical strain and acidity, guesses are made that it may be caused due to immunity problems. Ulcerative colitis occur at the age of 15-30 or after 50. It is also known to be run in families. These ulcers if not treated in time can cause further complication such as hemorrhage

5. Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)

Frozen shoulder, scientifically known as adhesive capsulitis is a condition of feeling of pain due to limited movement of shoulder. Stiffness in the joint of the shoulder does not allow it to move freely. It mostly happens during its movement to its extreme range for example while reaching for a seatbelt over head in a car. Such problems also arise due to sleep disorders. During this problem the shoulder should not be moved vigorously as it can even break the joint. It is treated with steroidal injections and anti inflammatory drugs to relieve pain and free movement of joint. Therapies should be followed religiously or else the pain can come back within few months. Exercises prescribed should be also followed to keep the pain at bay.

4. Achalasia

Achalasia cardia also known as esophageal dymotility disorder. It is found to be effecting mainly the esophagus as the name says. It seems to create problem in swallowing of food. The lower part of esophagus known as esophageal sphincter does not relax properly. Due to inflammation in nerves of esophagus the motility of esophagus is hurdled. The symptoms are mainly burning sensation is felt in heart, difficulty in swallowing solid or liquid thus causing vomiting. This can further lead to chest infections. The condition worsens during cold and stress.

3. Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer or pancreatic carcinoma is listed third among the most painful diseases. It is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in people. It is generally caused in people with diabetes, having chronic pancreatitis or due to excessive smoking. Pancreas is considered as both exocrine and endocrine gland but it affects any one part of it. It is found to run in family rarely. The risk of getting such cancer increases with an increase in age.

2. Dercum’s disease (adipose dolorosa)

Scientific name of the Dercum’s disease is Adipose Dolorosa. This disease has no known cause till date. It is said to be an auto immune disease .One of the most painful diseases in the world. Some people mistake it with obesity. But it is much worse than that. In this condition, fatty lumps form in parts of the body causing extensive pain. Full treatment is not possible, though medicine is given to ease the pain than to remove the adipose. Sometimes it is known to run in families.

1. Fothergill’s disease (trigeminal neuralgia):

A disease which tops the list of world’s painful diseases. Such painful disease and cause still unknown. Scientifically known as Trigeminal Neuralgia. This disease affects areas of face. It causes intense pain in the facial area. The disease is also quoted as suicide disease sometimes. The symptoms include pain in the face. This is a kind of neural disorder. Mouth being a sensitive area, it causes immense problems in activities like eating, brushing etc. Even touching can cause an unbearable pain to the patient.  

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