Top 10 Most Dangerous types of Pollution

Pollution is referred as entry of harmful substances in the environment which causes nature’s imbalance as it has detrimental effect on living organism. This contamination is caused by human illegal actions and sometimes may result naturally as various types of pollution are caused due to various reasons. Every harmful substance added in the environment cause disturbance which disturbs ecosystem thus further affect living organisms thus one should be careful while inducing harmful substances in the environment. Here are some types of pollution.

10. Pharmaceutical Pollution

Such type of pollution mostly contaminates water as pharmaceuticals or drugs contain estrogens, antibiotics which affect human body on the other hand its use by animals or industries make their way to environment from storage waste and finally it is mixed into drinking water which severely damage human health. Pharmaceutical pollution is recorded to be one of the most dangerous pollution which when consumed naturally or in indirect way it poses health risk not only for humans but also for animals. Thus this type of pollution is consumed by us today also in direct or indirect way.

9.  Visual Pollution

Visual pollution can be termed as pollution caused accidentally by watching undesirable or unexpected views such as on construction sites. Such pollution cause eye problems such as eyesores which lowers the quality of life on the other hand it is mostly caused due to glittering billboards, litter, junkyard and other outdoor advertising which directly focuses on eyes and create irritation. This is the result of manmade pollution which limits visibility level.

8. Agricultural Pollution

This type of pollution is the common in farming practices as excessive use of fertilizers, pesticides and untreated manure degrade the environment and cause depletion of the growth of crops thus cause agricultural pollution. This type of pollution is caused from point source as well as non point source as crops has various sources of yielding. Apart from manmade yielding this pollution can be natural also which cause damage to the crops as it creates algal blooms and damage crops.

7. Thermal Pollution

This pollution is common on the other hand increasing due to globalization as it is formed due to increase and decrease of the temperature. Heat and chemicals expulsion from industries contribute to this pollution which further contaminate water and environment and make surroundings choked and disturbed. Release of water from water bodies is killing water animals which make water dirty and poisonous thus decreasing river productivity. Some of the common sources of thermal pollution are agriculture sources, deforestation, power plants creating electricity. Confined areas have limited effect on the other hand multiple source have great impact on the areas.

6. Soil Pollution

Soil pollution is one of the most common man made pollution which is caused due to excessive use of pesticides which contaminates soil and thus results in land pollution. This type of pollution reduces growth of crops naturally make the soil bad creating imbalance in the soil used for various purposes. Soil pollution leads to various other effects such as loss of wildlife habitat, soil erosion and desertification which is the result of sewage spills, non sustainable farming practices, entry of hazardous waste into the land. Soil pollution creates further natural problems which make land unsuitable for cropping thus waste land.

5. Radioactive pollution

This type of pollution is caused due to radioactive materials which is the waste emission of nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons thus further have tendency to contaminate water and air and cause pollution.  Radioactive pollution results in severe health diseases such as cancer as these wastes take thousands of years to decay thus it results in contamination and various natural and human problems. In one way or other radioactive wastes cause problem in  the environment naturally as well as manmade such as industrial waste, oil spills etc thus resulting in various forms of pollution.

4. Noise Pollution

Some raised, exceeding and displeasing noise which create chaos or disrupts surroundings and disturbs human and animal life. Noise pollution is increasing day by day as social media is increasing more of people are communicating thus increasing noise. Due to noise pollution people suffers a lot of health problems such as hypertension, stress, affect cardiovascular on the other hand animals are suffering some f the major problems such as permanent hearing loss. To save from this builder should always keep a distance of residential and commercial complexes so that people should not have any problem apart from this people should also take care of avoiding any undue man made noise.

3. Manmade Pollution

As the name itself says it is the manmade pollution which is created by ourselves only by not keeping oneself and surroundings clean. It can be voluntary by doing some detrimental actions as well as sometimes carried from someone. Manmade pollution is the main constituent of other types of pollution as one who want to keep oneself free from this pollution will have to protect from common ones such as air, water. This type of pollution totally depends on individual as its source such as smoking, physical abuse, stress atmosphere, keeping negative attitude and many more such things which make person not satisfied and happy.

2. Water Pollution

Water Pollution is one such type which is considered mostly to be polluted by humans and less percentage of it is polluted naturally thus fault is in the hands of humans only. Industrial waste water containing lot of chemicals is only 10% treated and rest is thrown into water bodies as it is which contaminate water and cause harmful effects to the water animals and humans also. Its duly depend on humans that how they keep their nearby lakes, rivers and other water bodies clean finally they are at lost as this water directly or indirectly is consumed by them which cause harmful health problems to the one who consumes. Domestic waste water contains highest number of impurities thus its very necessary to discharge that impurities properly so that any disease could not take place on the other hand people should be aware of the fact to keep their rivers clean by not throwing wasteful things in the water as this will make water polluted.

1. Air Pollution

Air pollution is one of the most rated and strong pollution which is recorded to be the main cause of worsening various natural and human problems. Air pollution depletes stratospheric layer from the air which results in imbalance of the nature and cause various severe health problems such as asthma, cardiovascular disease, cancer etc. Emission of harmful gases and other solid pollutants from industries, automobiles create rather worsen air quality which cause common health diseases such as Pneumonia. It has been researched by WHO that about 2.4million people die due to air pollution every year.


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