Top 10 most common Work-Related Injuries

Although the figures for workplace injuries have continued to fall each year in the UK, injuries sustained in a work environment are inevitably going to continue to happen.

It’s not something that can be stopped completely, but it is something that can be reduced and avoided. With the rise of no win no fee cases, we thought it appropriate to write a list of the ten most common injuries that can happen at work.


10. Assault

Unfortunately, this is purely down to someone else at work directly and intentionally injuring a colleague.


9. Caught in machinery

This applies to those who work in more industrial surroundings. Handling heavy machinery is very dangerous and it is easy for one to catch their clothing or hair in a revolving mechanism.


8. Vehicular accidents

A considerable amount of jobs require employees to drive, and with over a thousand people being killed on the road a year in the UK, it’s not surprising that a portion of the casualties are those driving as a part of their work.


7. Walking into things

Sounds relatively simple and easily avoidable, but it happens to the best of us. And it can hurt, too.


6. Falling object injuries


This is usually a hazard on building sites and caused by one of your colleagues dropping something – most likely on top of your head or on one of your limbs. This can be avoided if you pay close attention to all the physical hazards that are present in your work environment. Wearing a hard hat helps, too.


5. Reaction Injuries

These are caused by employees reacting to some kind of hazard, only to be injured by doing so. This is usually in the form of muscle strain or some other kind of physical trauma. Again, this can be avoided by paying attention to your work environment and all the possible hazards in it.


4. Slipping

This happens because an employee or a colleague of yours has left an object in an area that people walk through, usually causing them to trip over and injure themselves.


3. Falling onto a lower level

Usually, this happens if you’re on a ladder, a roof or a wall and something goes wrong, causing you to lose your balance and fall.


2. Repetitive Motion

This is one of the most common kinds of work-related injury – especially if you work at a computer all day. You can develop carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive typing, as well as other kinds of muscle strain.


1. Overexertion

This is the most widely-reported type of work-related injury. It results from excessive pushing or lifting or any kind of physical exertion. It can even extend to minor tasks, like carrying smaller objects.



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