Top 10 Most Common Diseases in Old People

As people grow older, they get prone to more diseases that are related to age. The main reasons behind this can be the lack of exercise, change in eating habits, inactive way of living, and the shortage of general fitness. At an old age the immunity gets lower and hence a person falls prey to more and more diseases and disorders. These diseases can be responsible for the lessening of years in once life span. Many of the old age diseases can be prevented by proper care and awareness. Some peole are not even aware of these diseases related to age. These diseases can be prevented by proper diet, exercising daily and drinking lots of water daily. Let us have a glimpse on the diseases that weakens a old person further.


10. Liver and Kidney Disease

Kidney and liver disorders are the diseases that impair the proper functioning of these organs. Our daily habits and the way of our living are responsible for the way our body can process or dispose the waste material produced inside the body. The main causes of these diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes, and failure of the above organs. As a person becomes old, kidney and liver stops functioning very well and hence it causes many diseases such as kidney failure and liver failure.

9.      Oral Diseases

Saliva protects a person from having oral diseases in the young people. As a person gets older the saliva secretion decreases than normal levels. This leads to dry mouth syndrome. Due to dry mouth bacteria growing rate increases which results in many oral diseases. The oral diseases include gingivitis as well as periodontal disease. These disease results in decrease of calcium stores, brittle teeth which results in their breaking very easily. Due to these oral diseases and the damage they cause to the teeth old people have to undergo dentures. This can be protected by taking proper care of the teeth and visiting the dentists regularly.

8.      High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure with which blood has against the wall of arteries. If the blood pressure is above 140 over 90 mm Hg than the blood pressure is said to be high or the condition is also termed as hypertension. The main causes of the high blood pressure are inactive lifestyle, stressful life, increase in weight and old age. Elderly people are more vulnerable to high blood pressure and the risk increases if they are suffering from some diseases. High blood pressure can be maintained to normal level if a person eats a nutritional well balanced diet and exercises daily and follows calming techniques.

7.      Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis in old age is a condition that leads to weakening of the bones which eventually leads to their breakage. As a person grows older the calcium content in the bones decreases which results in brittle bones. Women are said to more prone as compared to men. To prevent this disease calcium supplements should be taken accordingly and plenty of fat free, calcium rich milk should be drunk. If proper exercise is done, bones remain healthy and hence won’t break very easily.

 6.   Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is related to disorder of human central nervous system. The main symptoms of the disease are related to movement of body parts which includes difficulty in walking, shaking severely, emotional and sleep problems. Elderly people are more vulnerable to this disease.

5.      Degenerative Eye Diseases

The eye diseases that are more prominent in old age are cataract, loss of vision and glaucoma, macular degeneration. Eyes are the most prized possession of a human being. As a person grows older he is more vulnerable to ARMD (Age- Related Macular Degeneration). According to the studies one in every four people above the age of 65 suffers from the disease. The main cause of ARMD is abnormal growth of blood vessels behind retina of eye or it can be caused due to damage in light sensitive cells in retina. Now it is possible to cure this disease with the advancement in nanotechnology. Regular eye checkups can also help to prevent these diseases from getting worse.


4.      Cardio-vascular Disease

Heart has to perform the major tasks in a human body. It has been reported that cardio-vascular diseases is the main cause of death of people who are aged above 60. As a person progresses in age the heart and the vessels that carry blood become less capable of doing their work. The main symptoms of the disease can be shortage of breath while walking or climbing stairs or pain in chest. Cardio vascular diseases can lead to heart failure, high blood pressure and swelling in the feet. The main causes of heart diseases include improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking, high blood pressure as well as diabetes.


3.      Degenerative Arthritis

The meaning of Arthritis is inflammation in the joints. The main symptoms of the disease are pain in joints, swelling and stiffness. Degenerative arthritis is chronic as well as irreversible. The disease is caused due to breakage of cartilage in the bone which results into friction in joints of bone. This disease is very painful and impairs the movement of joints. The disease can be prevented if a person exercises daily, walks daily, Eat a balanced nutrition diet. Knee arthritis is more common in old people who are obese too. This can be decreased by reducing weight.


2.      Alzheimer’s Disease

This disease is related to disorder in brain and it onset in the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling our memory. Not all people who are old suffer from Alzheimer. The main cause of the disease is the death of brain cell. The reason of death of brain cell is still unknown. This disease is not curable and is degenerative too. It not only affects a person’s memory but also his emotional and intellectual behaviour. The risk of the disease increase as a person advances in age. There are ways which can help to prevent Alzheimer like if you indulge your brain in activities like meditation, dancing or yoga. The main symptoms of the disease are memory loss, mood swings, disorientation.

1.      Diabetes Mellitus Type II

If you are living a inactive lifestyle and loves to do the sitting business you are bound to have this disease. Diabetes Mellitus Type II is also known by the name adult onset diabetes. The main reasons for Diabetes Mellitus Type II can be stress, increase in fats and cholesterol, poor eating habits, and the main reason is no exercise. If you feel thirstier lately, have to go to pee frequently or may be you are gaining / losing your weight lately than you need to go to a doctor for getting a check- up for Diabetes Mellitus Type II. This disease can be fatal to life as it weakens the immunity and can also increase the chances of heart diseases, stoke and many other circulatory diseases. If a person gets wounded he takes more time to get better. This disease can also severe the effects of respiratory diseases like pneumonia.


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