Top 10 Makeup Tips for Girls

They fancy things, they seek attention, and they want to shine through. Girls are synonymous of beauty. Girls are born beautiful and every girl can be even more striking. And this is where makeup comes into the light. The question is simply of highlighting your self-portrait, letting the sparks fly and see the world roll on your fingers. Still need another incentive? A correct application of makeup imparts positive upshot to the perception and likability of people towards her. An impeccable woman will sure be a confident woman. She, then, becomes the centre of attraction, colleagues seek her company, ask for her two penn’orth and her enthusiasm boosts up to its zenith. It is rightly said “Good looks build confidence and confidence magnifies the splendor”. So here are some tips to improvise your appearance and feel spring in your step and make you look more beautiful and wonderful.

10) Design Your Nails:

Young ladies crave for those perfectly trimmed and fairly painted nails. Nail art is driving the glamour world crazy. Nails are the last but not the last step of a flawless makeup. Nails necessitate paramount care. Hand massage increases the blood circulation in your hands resulting in rapid nail growth. Never should you fill the corners of your nails as it weakens them. Black and red nail-polishes are very much in trend and make you look stunning.

9) Fritter Some Bucks On Your Kit:

Skin of our face is much sensitive then rest of the body parts. It can be really harmful to use cheap and bad quality cosmetics for makeup. Their glossy packing may attract you but avoid buying shoddy products. The products made from minerals are pure and hence cause no harm to the skin. A makeup applied on a flawless skin results in even more outstanding effects. Bad quality make up products can have many harmful and damaging results on your face so avoid buying such stuff.

8) Shape Your Brows:

Well-Shaped brows make your face appear more enchanting and captivating. Correctly lengthened and arched eyebrows enhance the facial beauty. Use a brow pencil to fill in the visible gaps of your brows. Nicely donned brows beautify your makeup and give a face-lift.  Having a perfect shaped brow can surely add to your beauty .

7) Glamorous Eyes:

A beautiful eye makes silence eloquent. Eyes say that all about a woman. Hence eye makeup is an essential part in the process of achieving good looks. Before starting eye makeup, concealer should be used to cover the dark under eye circles. Then apply eye base on the eye lid in order to sustain the eye shadow for long time. Eyeliner makes eye look pretty and smoky while highlighter brightens up your eyes. Use of eyeliner and mascara bestows a shape to the eyes. Try to take out your time to shape your brows to get a perfect one. Even curling your eyelashes can make your eye look very beautiful.

6) Flattering Lips:

lips are the most eye-catching and important part of your facial loveliness. Natural lip care products and a regular use of moisturizer make your lips appear pinkish and attractive.  Lip color defines a shape to your lips and prevents it from mingling into your face. A lip liner of approx the same shade as of the lipstick must be used. For glamorous lips, lip gloss should be applied over the lipstick. Moreover, choice of lip color must go with the occasion. E.g. a red lip color makes you look sexier in a party. Drinking plenty of water help lips gain natural pinkish color and a good shape is maintained.

5) A Sun Kissed Luster:

In order to get sunshine on your face, blob a small amount of bronzer on your forehead, chin and nose before applying blush. It gives your face a shine and radiance which is so natural and protects your skin from the tanning.  A bronzer amplifies the skin tone rather than changing it. It imparts a sun-kissed look to your face. Choose a bronzer which is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Avoid using too much shimmer as it may make you appear disgusting. Appliance of bronzer over the jaw line and on the neck makes your face look willowy.

4) Play with the Hair:

Hair is the most important pillar of makeup and most conspicuous feminine facet. Makeup seems incomplete without a nice hairstyle. Switching hair style and hair color builds up the self-confidence. You should learn experimenting with your hair. Hair do need utmost care, therefore good quality hair products are advised. Frequent straightening may damage your hair while natural herbal products make them grow, improve the texture and impart a characteristic luster.

3) Use of Foundation With Primer:

Primers are advised to be used beneath a foundation so as to create a barrier between the latter and the skin. They can be used at the place of moisturizer inasmuch as they even out the skin tone. Primer helps foundation to hold up for long even in hot weather and prevent talc from absorbing oil from the skin. Moreover, the ingredients and botanical extracts of primers revive the skin. They form the root of your make up, if they are not spread over properly, they can spoil your whole look. It makes the whole make up look very even. It can wrap up all your imperfections and can make your face glow and can modify the likely tone of your skin.

2) Rejuvenate With Moisturizer:

Tightfisted people mistake applying body lotion on their face to save their pocket. In fact, moisturizer serves the purpose of keeping face healthy and blemish-free.  Our skin goes through a cycle of peeling dead cells, allowing younger cells to augment to surface to maintain the glow of face. When this procedure is obstructed, moisturizer stimulates the process by accelerating the blood circulation and hence protecting the skin from pigmentation. There are many advantages of using moisturizer; it helps in getting rid of dry and oily skin.

1) Ahh!! Blush: 

Young women avoid the use of blush but it can be your secret of beauty.  Employing a little blush makes the world dazzle by your radiance. Blush is the second last step of makeup and is applied after foundation, eye makeup and lip color. Yet, experts suggest the application of blush underneath the foundation for a more natural look. Choose the color of blush according to the lip color for better looks. Apply evenly blended color only to the cheek bones for healthy glow. While using a powder blush, sweep smoothly only in one direction. The blush on the face reproduces the glow; radiance and light on your face which makes you appear more gorgeous and beautiful. It is the top secret of attractiveness and good looks.

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