Top 10 Habits That Damage Your Immune System

Good health is essential to a better quality of life. This is why you should prioritize your well-being above everything else. One thing you need to take care of is your immune system which wards of diseases. Here are top 10 habits that damage your immune system.

(10) Stress

Some people love stress because the pressure makes them better at work or at school. However, chronic stress will make the prostaglandins in your body less. Prostaglandins are good hormones that support your immune system.

(9) Lack of Sleep

Are you a night owl? Well, you better think of going back to being human. Your lack of sleep can directly affect your immune system. It can make you prone to more diseases. So be sure to get some decent shut eye when you can.

(8) Nutrition Deficiency

You don’t keep a close eye on your diet. This means that you don’t know what you are eating. It is important that you get the enough amounts of nutrients you need in order for your immune system to function properly. You better start taking multivitamins.

(7) You Don’t Have Fun

Are you the boring or serious type? Doctors recommend that you have some fun once in a while so you can release stress and tension. Give yourself some time to have coffee with friends, read a book or just get a good laugh with office mates. Don’t take life too seriously.

(6) A Sedentary lifestyle

Basically, this means that you don’t get any exercise at all. Living a sedentary lifestyle will really damage your immune system and make you a very sickly person. Thus, as much as possible, get all the exercise that you can.

(5) Too Much Use of Medicines

If you got a simple headache, try to sleep. If the pain is tolerable, then don’t drink any medication. Medicines are toxins. For a while, you are relieved but in the long run too much drugs in your system will more likely make you sick most especially anti fever and anti-biotics.

(4)Improper Hygiene

You look clean, neat and presentable but are you really free of germs? Your lack of good hygiene will make germs at home in your body. Stay away from germs by making sure you brush at least twice a day, take a bath at least once a day and wash your hands frequently with germ fighting soaps.

Immune System

(3) Smoking

Smoking is a really hard habit to quit. Thus, if you have not tried smoking yet, then don’t even go down that road. If you are already a smoker, then there is no better time to quit than now. Passive and active smoking is both harmful. Cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxic chemicals.

(2) Dehydration

Never underestimate the power of water. Water is the best thing that you can overdose your body with. Moreover, it is abundant and inexpensive. There is no reason for you to be dehydrated. Your immune system will not be able to function properly if your body is deprived of water.

(1) You don’t express your emotions

Bottling up your moods towards people has a biological effect to your body. You produce higher stress hormones when you do so. Instead of using sarcasm, just say what you want to say. If someone has offended you, let them know.

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