Top 10 Easy Ways to keep Teeth Healthy and White

People often complaints about the oral problems they are facing. There are as many dental patients in the world as the population of the world. Every second person is facing tooth decay or plaque or stains or fowl breathe like problems. So here we present top 10 easiest ways to keep your teeth healthy and white:

10. Say No to Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is very injurious, not only to health but also to our teeth. Alcohol is the root cause for many of our oral hygiene problems.  Alcohol consumption leaves a fowl impact on oral organs like irritation of gums, tongue and oral tissues; slow and poor healing after dental surgery, increased tooth decay and the list goes on. Direct alcohol acquisition is obviously a threat to our teeth but there are some indirect ways also which we aren’t known of. For example, mouthwashes you use contain a high percentage of alcohol in it. Ceaseless use of mouthwashes dries our mouth and thus teeth become more susceptible to bacteria attack. In fact studies shows that mouthwashes are linked to increased risk of oral cancer.


9.  A Cup of Tea a Day keeps the Dentist Away

Cup of A tea!!! Yeah it’s true. It’s a known fact that you must have heard of as many side effects of drinking tea as there are stars in the sky. But very few must have analyzed that these side effects are of excess tea utilization.  So tea lovers, you have got a real reason to add to your excuses of drinking tea. Tea contains flavonoids and many more such ingredients which prevent sticking of dreadful bacteria to teeth. And also flavonoids block the production of a type of sugar which causes cavities. Tea also contains an appreciable amount of fluoride which is good for keeping our teeth healthy. So, it is advised to drink a cup of tea daily to keep your teeth healthy and white.


8.  Avoid Soda Drinks

‘Darr ke Aage Jeet hai’ must inspire you a lot to have those sodas and cola drinks and poses a cool image in your gang. But take it as a warning because these soft drinks are degrading your oral health. Cola and sodas contain an objectionable amount of citric acid and phosphoric acid. The inimical effects of the above mentioned acids include reaction of them with teeth and consequently leading to the dissolution of teeth. Our teeth corrode due to regular consumption of soft drinks. An addiction to anything is undoubtedly not good. Occasionally, one can have these hard on teeth soft drinks. Or there’s a better alternative available to this. Fruit juices, water and milk prove to be good substitutes to these.


7.  No Tobacco and Smoking

‘Smoking is injurious to health’ is not just a proverb government is trying to convey. Smoking seriously has very bad consequences. Along with the respiratory problems smoking causes, it causes stains on teeth. These stains weaken our teeth and causes discoloration of teeth. Usage of tobacco in any form damages oral tissues completely. Your attention to the warning of not smoking and using tobacco can even save your life. This is so because Smoking and Tobacco chewing accounts for one of the major reason causing oral cancers and tumors.


6.  Use Baking Soda

It’s not too late if your excess consumption of soda and colas has developed stains on your teeth. Imagine the impression you will leave on others with your muddy brown smile having stained teeth. And imagine a person with shiny white smile at your workplace. Definitely your boss will be promoting him before you. Don’t panic! There is a way to wash off these stains and regain your teeth health and whiteness as soon as possible. Use of baking soda to brush your teeth once a week removes stains and whitens teeth. Baking soda with a flavoring agent once used as regular toothpaste will never allow you to go back to your old toothpaste. Salt can also be used as an alternative but make sure to spit it out after use. Otherwise it will account to excess sodium intake.


5.  Hydrate your Mouth

Drinking a glass of water every hour while you are at work is beneficial for your teeth. And if you are at home drinking a glass of eight ounce water every hour continuously for eight hours increases healthiness of teeth.  Water does not only help to keep your digestive system healthy, control weight or hydrate your skin but it also helps in keeping our teeth pearl white. As we drink water, the bacteria stuck on our teeth are flushed out. These bacteria causes gum diseases, fowl breathe and cavities. Water keeps a check on the bacteria and prevents us from uncountable oral health problems.


4. Chewing Gums

Chewing gums are both the reason for your tooth decay and the reason to enhance your tooth health; depends on what type of gum do you use.  Chewing gums available in the market are of two varieties. The first type is a sweet gum which must be avoided. Sweet Chewing Gums increases sugar contents on our teeth and provides a favorable environment to attract more germs and let them multiply. These germs born out of high sugar contents deposited on teeth results in decaying of our teeth. While the other type is specifically made to chew after the meals to protect our teeth from germs


 3. White Teeth Diet

Healthy diet consumption helps not only in maintaining good health but also supports a good oral structure. If a person is quaffing red wine or black coffee, or smoking cigars or cigarettes, then pearl white teeth must not be expected. The culprits for dingy teeth include alcohol, dark juices, colas, gravies.  So preferring a detergent diet is better choice. Detergent diet includes apple, raw carrots, celery and unsweetened popcorns. Sugary food must be avoided as sugar plus bacteria equals to oral plaque.


2. Floss regularly

Flossing is also nice, effective and easiest way to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Flossing helps in getting rid of food particles stuck to teeth or any gaps between the teeth. All the grooves of the teeth are almost cleaned by floss. Thus it prevents tooth decay and blocks the germs build up. Many types of floss are available in the market. All of them prove to be efficient enough to clean grooves and gaps between the teeth.


1. Brushing and Humming

The first and foremost thing to keep teeth healthy and clean is to brush them regularly and after every meal. It is a lesson we learnt in our nursery but do not followed it properly until today.when we sleep at night or have our meals, saliva dries up or is used up in digesting meals. So it is best to claen off all the plaque before and after sleep. Brushing together with humming a song altogether proves very efficient if you are not brushing for a minimum amount of time. Choose a song of at least 2 minutes and hum it while you brush or you can bind yourself to a stop watch or timer. Brushing properly is not the only matter of concern. You must select a brush with soft bristles so as to protect your enamel layer from unnecessary damage. Brush you use must be changed every 2 or 3 months or so.

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