Top 10 Best Easy ways to Prevent Migraine

Migraine is a neurovascular disorder characterized by moderate to severe pain in the different parts of the body.  Migraine can be a major obstacle in our daily lives if not dealt effectively. Though there is no single certain measure for migraine relief, a series of  precautions can assist you to recognize those specific migraine symptoms and triggers that are the root cause. Identifying and avoiding those triggers is the best possible way for migraine relief. Here are the top 10 easy ways to prevent migraine.

10.  Keep track/Record your migraine

Migraines are triggered through some specific actions or behavior. Recognizing those specific triggers is the basic step towards migraine relief. Keeping record of your daily activities around the clock, 24 hours followed by migraine encounter can give your fair idea about such triggers so that you can avoid them to avoid migraine.   Anything from your eating habits, to exposure to certain colors or intensity of light, noise or level of stress can be your migraine trigger.

9. Recognize your migraine triggers

This is the most basic and initial phase for prevention of migraine. Keeping a track of your daily activities gives you a fair idea of what might have triggered your migraine following a series of activity before your encounter. Recognize those triggers, the pattern that might be the probable cause leading to migraine so that you can carry next step of correcting your mistakes to avoid further migraines. After careful evaluation and a series of experiments you can finally conclude your triggers and avoid them to rid yourself of regular migraines. While it might not be as severe for everyone as it might be for some, it is always reassuring to have a hassle free day at work and at home.

8. Proper selection of diet

Some of the food products more than other can be the trigger for abdominal migraines. Keeping a track of your eating habits can help you single out those ingredients to reduce  migraine risks. Find the problematic food and shift to proper diet including fruits, vegetables, protein as well as yogurts, eggs with low fat. Research suggests consumption of magnesium rich diets such as halibut and black beans are considered to reduce migraine risks. Intake of supplementary magnesium can also be helpful but  concern your doctor for right  dose. Some herbs and plants like extracts of feverfew and kudzu root seem to be beneficial as well.

7. Responsible drinking

Over consumption of alcohol and beer leads to migraine and nausea for everyone which can last days. For a majority of migraine sufferers alcohol in can be a major trigger while others might not feel anything at all due to tyramine content. In any case alcohol can play a significant role triggering your migraine so be wary. Review your migraine journal to determine which in particular leads to your migraine and drink responsibly or not at all.

6. Sleep like a baby

Sleeping is one of the basic measures for migraine relief. However, too little or too many sleep can both trigger migraine so be careful and make certain of having adequate sleep. Having a schedule for going to bed and getting up can be very helpful in reducing migraine. Alteration in this schedule can act as a trigger for migraine sufferers.

5. Dealing with Stress

Mental and physical stress can be a prominent migraine symptom. Though not the most effective one, avoiding and managing stress can be very helpful indeed. Most would agree on stress being primary reason for migraine headaches. Although it might not be the direct cause but it can gradually lead to other chain of activities such as drinking and improper diet and irregular sleep which later develops into migraine. One cannot plan on the amount of stress but can surely learn to cope with it. When it comes to stress we all have different approach to it, management and facing the stress is solely upto and individual but other ways such as meditation or similar such activities can be helpful. In anyway managing stress can greatly reduce the risk of being vulnerable to migraines.

4. Controlled exposure to intense environment

Exposure to intense light, color or noise can trigger migraine more often than not. Some places with extreme lighting or noise such as pubs can be troublesome for migraine suffers. If so is the case then it will be best to avoid such environment and control yourself from exposure to such intense stimulus. Even while at home control the volume of your T.V or stereo or choose a neighborhood with minimal traffic noise and commotion to live. No wonder people living in hectic commercial places tend to encounter migraine more often than suburbs’ settlements. You can review your migraine journal if such is one of the triggers.

3.  Reduce using Hormonal Medication

Women are three times more susceptible to migraine than men and specially during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Nausea, vomiting and migraine headaches are common with abdominal migraine as well. It is suggested to best avoid hormonal replacement therapy and birth control pills with high-estrogen. Some might feel relieved from migraine after limited use of these while others might find it the other way around while skipping a week’s pill. It would be best to consult a doctor for possible solution regarding this.

2.  Caffeine Confrontation

Yes, regardless of how important you consider caffeine to kick start yourself, on the long run it is as harmful as any other addiction.  It is one of the most commonly suspected triggers of migraine headache and as soon as you realize that it is indeed a trigger for your migraine divert yourself form consuming any more of it. On the contrary like any other migraine triggers, not everyone may fall victim to caffeine craving as many migraine sufferers admit to reducing their migraine WITH caffeine consumption. Again the conditions may well vary from individual to individual but be aware that it is one of the most common triggers for migraine non-the-less.

1. Work Out

No matter how much you believe you don’t have time for it, it remains as the most effective way for healthy living let alone as a prevention for migraine. Regular exercise can not reduce your migraine encounters but also improve your metabolism and make you less vulnerable to other diseases and conditions that you inherit with ageing. Without a doubt exercise directs you towards right diet and reduces your stress with adjusting your sleeping schedule which covers at least three of the steps of avoiding migraine i have mentioned so far. But in any case overdoing it may well result as a migraine trigger. Avoid over-exhausting yourself and stay hydrated, if it seems to be the case avoid exercise in either very hot or very cold condition.

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