Top 10 Diets that help you Reduce your Weight

If you have weight problems you should start a diet because being overweight causes serious health problems. There are so many diet options that is very hard to find the best weight loss program for you. Many programs don`t pay off or they are designed for people with fast metabolism that can eat almost everything. When you want to a start a diet plan you should think about how much time you have free for exercise, or how many energy you need every day for your job and habits. A lot of diets are risky because they offer a big weight loss in a short amount of time which can cause harm your organism. The top 10 real diets that will help you reduce your weight are:

10. Dukan diet

Dukan diet is one of the most reasonable for people who like to eat a lot. In this program there is no restriction at food quantity, only at what you can eat. This program goes through 4 phases from where you are starting with vegetables and more foods are introduced. In the end you will be allowed to eat every type of food but this diet has the deficiency of rapid weight loss. This type of weight losing it`s unhealthy, unsustainable but a bit motivating. If you want to get thin you should start with Dukan diet and continue with another diet for maintaining weight.

9.  South Beach diet

South Beach diet was developed for patients with heart diseases. This diet does not allow you to eat fat food or high glycaemic index food. You can eat three meals per day with 2 snacks but you must follow an exercise plan. Because of the low amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you may feel weak or experience bad breath, tiredness, dizziness or constipation.

8. Slim-Fast diet

Slim-Fast diet uses meal replacements to help people achieve their goals. Meal replacements like protein shakes or bars are especially made to contain a small amount of fats. These replacements also keep you full for some time so you will not feel the need to eat something. Slim-Fast plan can be very useful for people who want to lose weight and remain like that. Meal replacements must be consumed even after you achieved your goal, otherwise you can gain your weight back. This plan is very costly and it can change your eating habits very easy.

7. Slimming World diet

Slimming World diet encourages people to swap high fat foods with low fat foods. This plan is very good because it doesn`t provide a massive weight loss in a short amount of time. It is very hard to finish because you are not educated about calories and they allow you to eat everything from a list. That list is made by experienced nutritionists and you are allowed a treat sometimes. Once you have left this program you might take some wrong decisions because they only give you a list and some support without explaining you how to eat.

6. Cambridge diet

Cambridge diet is based on meal replacement supplements but it is much more flexible than Slim-Fast. When you join Cambridge diet you will also receive a long term weight management program so you will remain thick. Even though is very well designed, this program lacks important carbohydrates, proteins and fats so you might suffer from dizziness, insomnia and constipation. Any type of program that doesn`t offer you important body resources can include side effects.

5. Atkins diet

Atkins diet is especially developed to help you lose the amount of weight you want in a short term and keep it like that. You start with a severe low carb regime and after some time you are allowed to eat every food. Absolutely everything will be gradually introduced into your meal plans so you will be able to eat your favorite food in this program. This program also produces big risks because you lose weight in a small amount of time.

4. LighterLife diet

LighterLife diet combines weekly counseling with low calorie meal replacements. You have to take your shakes, bars or soups every day and keep taking some after you hit your goal. This program helps you a lot because you will be counseled by professional people.

3. Rosemary Conley diet

Rosemary Conley diet combines low glycaemic index foods with exercise. You will have to eat low fat food and train hard. Rosemary Conley clubs offer weekly motivation, support and exercise classes for people who want to lose weight. This diet can produce side effects because low fat food doesn`t ensure as much energy as you need while making exercise.

2. Weight Watchers diet

Weight Watchers diet is based on controlling calories. Absolutely every food and drink is given a value of points and you have an amount of points that you can spend everyday. This plan is designed to be interactive and provide you free will of your meals. If you wish to eat something with a lot of fats you can spend all your points on it, but you`ll not eat something else during that day. Weight Watchers also provides motivation and support for people who want to lose weight. This system is very easy to follow and you can eat everything you want.

1. Jenny Craig diet

Jenny Craig program is especially designed for every human: you will have a plan of exercise made for you, a food plan and personal support. This method is the most helpful because it is strictly made for everybody`s needs. Another great thing at this diet is that you will receive your food home and everything will be controlled to help you. You will also receive personal support to remain focused on losing weight.

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