Top 10 Craziest Diet

10. Cabbage Soup Diet: The diet has been very popular during 1980s for reducing weight. The heavy consumption of this soup reduces weight in just seven days. Doctors have condemned this diet as it only causes water not fat-loss and are not permanent. People using this diet lose energy and experience light-headedness.

9. Macrobiotic diet: This diet includes eating grains with other foods such has vegetables and bean and mostly processed food. The weird thing about this diet is that people smoke for good health and everything is normal like other diet.

8. Fruitarianism: It is all fruit diet, people who diet on more than 75% or more fruits. Some fruitarianism believers date back to Adam and Eve of a simple approach health and diet. A Fruitarian causes a lot of vitamin deficiency and deficiency in some fatty acids.

7. Paleotlithic Diet: The diet is presumed to be diet of ancient cavemen. The idea behind having this diet is that, people then were free of all the diseases contemporary world have, so adopting their diet will free us of diseases. The diet includes lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots and nuts.

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6. Shangri-la Diet: The diet is good news for people who love to eat. It says that eat what you love to eat. The human body has a set point on which appetite is balanced. You can lower this point by having whatever you want to have. However you have to consume extra flavorless calories, which enable you to lower the set point.

5. The Bible diet: The idea behind this diet is that some food is clean and some are unclean or forbidden to God. The diet begins with the prayers of each day and ends in the same day. The diet is broken into three phases. Each phase restricts different diet, and the aim of this fasting is to exercise Life purpose.

4. Breatharianism: It consists of eating nothing. The name is given after the practice as you eat nothing and survive on breathing. Around three people have who adopted this diet. The believers say that you get energy from the sun or a vital life force called Prana.

3. Fletcherizing: This diet was widely popular in the 20th century. In the diet, a person chews food 32 times while tilting his head back and after chewing let the liquid slide down the throat. Any food doesn’t slide down is to be spat out. Fletcher who advocated this diet also said that the liquid must also be chewed.

2. Sleeping Beauty diet: As it name implies you take a lot of sleep through sedation pills and sleeps for days. So when you are up you will feel hungry and will want food. While asleep your food intake decreases. It is a very unhealthy approach.

1. Tapeworm diet: People actually intake tapeworms and let them grown inside their body to fully mature. Once can lose 1-2 pounds in a week. Later, they de-warm their bodies and poop them out!

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