Top 10 Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss: is a most common problem faced by women everyday all over the world. On an average, losing 50-100 hairs a day is taken as normal as it is a part of the process of hair renewal. As human scalp has more than 100,000 hairs so a few hair loss during bathing, brushing or combing is not a matter of concern. But if the number of hair fall goes over normal rate then proper medication must be needed. Excessive hair loss is also a symptom of serious imbalance of the medical condition of the women’s body which needs appropriate evaluation by some dermatologists. Out of the many causes of hair loss in women the top ten most popular ones are as follows:

10. Low Iron Levels:

Iron deficiency is the most frequent reason for hair fall in women. From a study conducted on 1000 women, statistics showed that 330 are going through hair fall problem in which 90% are due to iron deficiency and 10% of them are due to some other factors. Trichologists revealed that a large majority of women has optimum provisions for fine hair growth in their body but due to low levels of iron they have a huge hair loss. Low content of iron rich food in the diet causes deficiency of iron levels in the body.

9. Chronic Telogen Effluvium:

Chronic Telogen Effluvium is also one of the reason for hair fall in women which is the long term hair loss, or can say increasing in hair loss and decreasing in thickness of hairs beyond a normal time period. This is due to the increasing rate of women suffering from depression, stress, mental trauma, high pressure jobs and family life or after pregnancy, in which they forget to take care about their health and wellbeing. Various crucial nutrients such as vitamin B were killed from the body when we are in excessive stress which is a fundamental for proper hair growth.

8. Disease or Illness:

As we know that follicle is very responsive towards any unevenness in the body. The problem of hair fall occurs due to several types of medications and insufficient diet, where most of the problem of hair loss are temporary and recover it from the course of time. Several diseases which leads to the problem of hair loss are thyroid disorders: both underactive and overactive, high fever, major surgeries, cancer treatment, deficient diets, and several others. Sleeping inadequately less or more number of hours also causes stress and excessive sprain to head which results to hair damage.

7. Hereditary:

Several women has hereditary hair loss problem often came from either of their parents. If hair loss is due to the genes then that is called as Androgenetic  Alopecia. It is the most common problem shown.  The gene causing hair loss can be inherited from father or mother or even both may leads to the decline in the hair growth of the child.

6. Hair Styling Treatments:

It is a status symbol for the women to get their hairs coloured, straightened or curled. They change the texture of their hairs by various chemical dyes and bleaches. Various hair gadgets such as straighteners, buffing machines, and relaxers affect the quality of hairs and continuous usage tends to hair loss. Poor quality of hair product can also cause hair loss, as if certain of the relaxers are mixed with powerful chemicals, which was shown on instances of people lead to permanent hair loss. So properly directed products by hair specialist must be chosen for hairs colouring and washing.

5. Hormonal:

Hormones also fuel hair loss and reduce hair quality, as a long term it is the biggest cause for the hair loss. Hair fall due to hormones reflect both in men and women. Women tend to thinning of hairs all over the scalp without being in a definite pattern. The problem of hair fall is caused by the Androgen DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone in addition with the larger number of Androgen receptors which get attached to the DHT.

4. Pregnancy:

After a period of 4-to-6 months after pregnancy, statistics revealed that most of the women have experiences severe hair loss, as their estrogen level recovers to the normal levels. Excessive hair loss  also takes place to compete the changes occurred due to high hormonal levels of the women recover from normal pregnancy.

3. Ageing:

Ageing is also the cause for the hair loss. As people age, the hair become gradually thin and hairs loss gets stimulates. Several women face hair fall after the age of menopause, at that time the hair renewal process also gets slower.

2. Mechanical Damage:

Several inflicted damages may be intentional or unintentional such as pulling hairs (also called as Trichotillomania) in stress till to get over it or by ironing may be the reason leads of permanent hair loss. Also damage due to some injury in the scalp leads to eternal hair loss (also baldness) of the portion of the scalp.

1. Weather Conditions:

If the weather is too hot and dry or too cold, several women have the problem of hair loss. If the weather doesn’t suits your body also leads to hair loss. Many women face hair loss in autumn season and in dry seasons due to the lack of moisture needed in the hair scalp for healthy growth of the hairs.  Many women have dandruff in their hairs for an indefinite period of time which increases their hair loss at that time.


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