Top 10 Best Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Increase in the level of cholesterol causes many problems to human being. it can affect your lungs, Heart, can cause heart attack and can also causes the stroke and mental shocks and also causes mental depression. High level of LDL can even maximize your risk of heart attack and mental disorders. 50 % of Americans suffer from high LDL. But if we take care of our diet and timetable we can prevent Cholesterol. Change in diet, regular exercise can help a lot. So think healthy, eat healthy and live healthy.

Here are the top 10 ways to lower Cholesterol :

10. Lower Your Stress Level

The level of your stress is directly proportional to your cholesterol level. So take some time from your busy schedule to relax. You can do it by doing mediation, exercise, listening to your favorite music, yoga and writing your important work on apiece of paper and doing that work first. It is the best way to reduce HDl and also the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. You can also reduce your stress level by decreasing your fat level diet.

9. Eat Fiber

Start eating fiber based foods like soya been, eat fruits that have high content of proteins and soluble fiber like strawberry, watermelons, apple, pears, peas and kidney beans. It will also help in lowering your weight. Make sure you don’t take any oily or heavy food in dinner and also take cereals and oats in your breakfast that will boost your energy and helps in maintaining your cholesterol level. Choose whole –grains bread , pasta , brown rice and whole grain. Use skim milk and egg for your breakfast and minimize the intake of non-veg. Orange juice is also rich in soluble fiber that helps to reduce your cholesterol level. At least consume 25 to 35 g of fiber each day.

8. Daily Exercise

Get up early and add exercise to your routine. Exercise can help you a lot in controlling your cholesterol and minimizing the risk of heart attacks and controlling your blood pressure. You can also play your favorite spot in evening or can add swimming to your routine. If can’t manage regular exercise then do its on off days and join a exercise group that will help you to keep motivated. If you remain very busy with your work then you can take stairs rather than lift and will be the best exercise for you. You can also do yoga at some regular intervals in morning or in evening.

7. Go Vegetarian

If you are fond of non-veg food then opt for vegetarian food as early as possible to reduce the risk of heart attack and have a healthy life. Start taking vegetarian food in your meals, take fresh fruits in evening to control your weight and cholesterol. Increase your diet by eating almonds, valnuts as they are rich in unsaturated fats that helps to lower down the unhealthy LDL and promotes  good cholesterol level rather than junk and fried food. Stop taking fried and roasted meat and chicken. Fatty fish can be added to your diet.

4. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is a nutrionial superstar for those who are suffering from high cholesterol level. It is rich in antioxidants and helps in lowering your LDL level. It consists of phenolics and plant substances that helps in making blood less likely to clot. You can cook your food like vegetables in olive oil and serve it to your whole family. Olive oil also helps in protecting your immune system from deficiencies and ensuring good health to your whole system.

5. Garlic

Adding the usage of garlic to your meal would be the best option. It helps in lowering the liver’s ability to make cholesterol. You can eat it with mashed potatoes and cook it olive oil. It also protect in blood clotting and stokes.

4. Eat More Soya

According to the latest scientific research, intake of 25 g of soya protein each day helps in lowering your cholesterol level from 5 to 10 %. You can take soya in form of soya beans, soya milk and soya meat substitute products. You can take it as a breakfast supplement. It get absorb to your blood and helps in lowering your LDL level and minimizing the risk of heart attacks. Raw soya are the best diet and supplement for people suffering from high cholesterol .

3. Add Omega-3

Adding omega-3 is the best and the cheap option from protecting yourself from high cholesterol problems. It can be easily made at home ad can be taken in breakfast or as a snack. Fatty fish and flax seeds are the best sources of omega-3. Intake of omega-3 regularly to your diet helps in removing your cholesterol  level  problem up to 50 %.

2. Avoid Fried Food

Avoid  the consumption of fried food like French fries, burger, roasted items of meat and chicken. The intake of these items to your diet can boost up your cholesterol level and can increases the chances of heart attack and blood pressure. You can add fish to your diet that will help you in controlling your LDL level.

1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking can be injurious to your heat as well as health. It can affect your cholesterol  level and can increase the risks of heat attack. Smoking and drinking habits should be avoided to ensure a healthy living.


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