Top 10 Best Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart is the most vigorous organ in human body. It is the muscular organ which provides blood circulation in our body. Heart disease is a kind of syndrome whiach affects the heart. It is a kind of infection which occurs not only in men but women should also be alert of their heart risk factors. Due to heart disease many people have lost their life, specially people who in “America”. Heart disease has killed many and will continually go on. So for this we have to pay attention to our healthy habits, lifestyle and the food we eat. Therefore here are some ways through which we can prevent heart disease and they are:-

10.  Have Sound Sleep at Night

Good sleep at night or good rest is a prop for good health. If we have good sleep at night we will feel fresh and energized in the morning. But if we have poor sleep we will feel depressed and lazy. A good sleep at night prevents us for heart disease as Heart Attack and Strokes. Sound sleep is very important to remain healthy. Lack of sleep plunge our blood pressure, cholesterol, all risk of heart disease such as heart attack and stroke. So we should sleep between 7-9 hours to remain fit.

9.  Beat Stress

Stress is a part of life. Through stress we can have emotional, psychological and even physical problems which can lead us to heart disease, high blood pressure, chest pain etc. stress being a risk factor makes our body un healthy. For example: – if we are going through high level stress, our blood pressure will increase, it also produce clots in our brain which are the symptoms of heart attack. So in order to get rid from heart disease first we should beat the stress and try to remain calm to make our life healthier.

8.  Control Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a serious problem which can lead to heart disease. Through high blood pressure we can have risk of heart attack. In our body the heart pumps the blood into the attires which carry blood throughout the body. If the heart does not get enough oxygen then the chest pain or angina pain occurs and if the flow of blood is blocked it results into heart attack. So due to blood pressure heart is unable to pump enough blood to our body. So we should control our blood pressure in order to get rid from all these complications.

7.  Follow Healthy Diet

Following healthy diet is most important thing in our life to keep your health in virtuous condition. Healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering down the blood pressure and cholesterol. Stop having high calorie food or junk food because it will harm your health and will increase the risk of heart disease. So we should have balanced diet such as: – Fresh Fruits, Green Vegetables and Fish especially “Salmon” because it contains “Omega-3 fatty acids” which will make your heart healthy.

6.  Cut Down Alcohol

Alcohol is a drink which is made up of corn, barley, grain, rye and ethyl. Alcohol is a kind of drink which increases the risk of liver failure, heart attack etc. so we should always try to avoid alcohol in order to remain healthy

5.  Add More Omega-3 Fatty Acid

Try to have more “Omega -3 fatty acid” in your body by having fish like salmon or by having daily fish oil in your diet because the acids found in these supplements help you to reduce cholesterol which in other words reduces the risk of heart disease.

4.  Avoid Trans Fats

Consuming the Trans fats also increase the risk of heart disease and strokes. We should avoid Trans fats because it is worse than Saturated fats. Trans fats are unsaturated fats which contains fatty acids. So we should avoid Trans fats in order to remain healthy.

3.  Exercise regularly

Exercise is very important to remain healthy. These days even doctors suggest that 30 minutes workout in 5 to 7 days a week is good for health. Regular exercise helps you to remain fit and decrease the risk of heart disease. Exercise including Brisk Walk makes good blood circulation in your body and good blood circulation makes your heart fit. So make a routine to exercise regularly.

2.  Maintain Healthy Weight

Obesity is a condition when people become over weight. Obesity has adverse effects on your health and on your heart too. So in order to remain fit we should avoid fatty and junk food. We should eat balanced diet that contains saturated fats in order to avoid risk of heart disease.

1.  Quit Smoking

Smoking is injuries to health. Smoking is the main reason or ultimate problem for heart disease. Through smoking we also undergo some serious heart problems and respiratory problems such as CANCER, HEART ATTACK etc. so sidestep smoking in order to have healthy heart and healthy body.


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