Top 10 Best Treadmills 2012

All the health conscious people are not new to the word treadmill. Some have security issues, some people live in too much crowd and some people don’t have too much time to run or jog so for these kind of people treadmill is a great boon. Afterall you can walk or run on it while staying at the same place and its so small that you can fit it anywhere you want in your home. Well very less of us knows that in older times treadmills were used for grinding purpose. Also it was used as punishment. Over the time it have gained the status of exercise machine and now along with mechanical power it can also use electric motor or flywheel. So with new technologies now the speed and time all cane be set and the total workout done can also be calculated. We at know that you people are trying to get fitter day by day so here we are to help you with top ten best treadmills of 2012 so that you can workout easily.

10.)Phoenix Denise Austin 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Phoenix Denise Austin 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill is a great treadmill for medium runners, brisk walkers and beginners. It is not recommended for heavy users. Being a manual treadmill its not very expensive. It can display distance, speed, calories and time. Having a one year warranty and being light and portable its a great buy. Its noise free, Less stressful to joints and easy to assemble making it of great use. So highly recommended to the beginners.

9.)Life Span TR4000i

It have five programs installed out of which Heart Rate Control is most important other being sports training, weight loss, user setup and weight loss. This treadmill provides you with five workout programs for the weight loss which also includes cardio run and uphill walk. It have sleek treadmill deck lines and have a great safety feature in the form of Intelli-Guard. It provides five years warranty on parts and one year labor warranty and hence is a good choice.

8.)Merit Fitness 715T Plus Treadmill

This is a kind of home treadmill and you can adjust its speed upto the range of 16kmph. It contains a 2.5 THP engine and have a folding frame which makes the storage very easy for domestic use. Its intuitive console controls makes sure that you can set it for a proper workout. Moreover it contains Aerosoft cushioning system which saves our feet and legs from shock by isolating them. It contains four preset programs and do have a capacity of 250 pounds. It have lifetime frame and 1 year motor warranty.

7.)Phoenix 98516 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill

Same as Phoenix Denise Austin 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill its quite cheap as compared to the expensive treadmills giving it a huge advantage. It only asks users to power the belt instead of using heavy bulky electric motor. The flywheel insures a smooth and quiet operation and a single button electronics monitors everything same as of 98510. It is quite easy to set up and is ideal for domestic use.

6.)Vision Fitness T9600

Boasting of 3.0 CHP Cambride Motor Works motor and 3.0 digital drive this treadmill have entered the market targeting the pros mainly. Having a capacity of 400 lb it gives a range of 0.6 to 12 mph. It provides three consoles named Simple(no programs), Deluxe(10 programs and 5 custom programs) and Premier(6 user profiles and 17 levels of training). Having a high number of quality components this is a kind of full package. You will get a lifetime warranty on frame and motor while on electronics and parts it is 5 years.

5.)Landice L700 Home ProSports Trainer

Being one of the best pro treadmills, it contains a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor it is made up of aircraft grade aluminium frame. It contains 5 user defined programs. It also have a VFX belt cushioning which have been patented. The biggest plus point is the wireless heart rate monitor. Having a year warranty on labour and lifetime warranty on parts it gives a picture of one of the best home treadmills.

4.)Horizon Fitness T101

A kind of folding treadmill having 2.25 HP motor for quiet working. It provides speed upto 10 miles per hour and an incline of 10%. It provides user with 9 programs(time, workout manuals, weight, etc) and sonic surround speakers along with the mp3 compatibility. Its great pulse grip heart rate monitoring makes it one of the favourite home treadmills. You will get a lifetime warranty on motor and frame and 1 year on parts and labor.

3.)Smooth Fitness 9.45 ST

Providing the one of a kind motion control, sound system, heart-rate sensors and 6 programs for various workouts for achieving the fitness goals. It also provide an adjustable hydra-suspension system which can be adjusted according to the level of the user by adjusting cushion control and shock absorbers and that to at 12 different levels. The safety key and unique design adds a lot to the safety. Its warranty is the biggest plus point providing a lifetime warranty for everything except for labor which is also highest in market, i.e. 2 years. So if you are a warranty fan just go for it.

2.) F85 Sole Treadmill

Providing a full package of sturdy, friendly and sturdy treadmill it contains the Cushion Flex shock absorption technology. Having a small size(thanks to space saving technology) and 3.5 HP engine at the same time its just the thing you want to have in your apartment. For raising and lowering it uses hydraulic lift and drop system. It contains 6 standard programs, 2 heart-rate based programs and two user defined programs. Having the jacks you can enjoy music at the time workout without disturbing anybody else. The safety features includes safety lock and safety key along with safety magnet which makes it one of the safest treadmills. It boasts lifetime warranty on motor and 5 years on parts and 2 years on in home labor as well. Along with the cooling fans and inbuilt speakers it is one of the coolest treadmills to be purchased.

1.)Nordic Track Elite 9500 Pro

Here comes the best ever treadmill that you are going to encounter with every feature and function ever required. Afterall a built-in web browser that to using android is a great feature. The iFit Live feature is one of the best features you will ever encounter. Except for iFit there are 28 more customizable workouts(high intensity, calorie burning, speed, incline 7 each). High performance sound system makes your experience more enjoyable. Nobody can find any flaw in its design with touchscreen, commercial motor and treadbelt. I can insure you that it is one of the safest treadmills you will ever use. Along with lifetime warranty for deck, motor and frame it gives a 5 year warranty on parts and electronics and 2 on labor. So after going through whole package I am sure it is the best buy you are going to find in 2012.

So now I think that now you can buy a treadmill which suits you the most.

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