Top 10 Best Quick Healthiest Meal Ideas

Meal is considered to be the best only when it provides not only the basic needs of the body but keeps you fit and fine as well. Meals are the eatables which must be free from harmful chemicals, trans-added fat and fatty sugars. Meals are designed and choose as per the body demand. In the same way, the need of nutrients depends upon the body, although, for the following section of write up, the meals have been chosen which are best in demand and best in nutrition for body to keep one fit and fine always. The list for the best 10 meals is followed as:-


10.) Lettuce Fajitas (Guacamole Added)

This is primarily a Mexican meal with a healthy twist and tang. It comes in many toppings for which you have to avoid taco in it, containing high trans-fat and additive chemicals. The best garnishing’s and saucy toppings can be made using fresh tomatoes and guacamole in it. Add a few lime juice and salt in it and the meal is ready to be served and eat. In the additive, one can use cheese as well for extra delicacy and taste surplus. This is the 10th best and healthiest meal.


9.) Fish & Fried Sweet Potato

Although, the combo is insanely odd, but to experience the amazing combo taste, one have to go for it. It is made by half frying the fish and frying the sweet potato at a very low fire. One of the easiest to make and easily to serve with only a few ingredients in it. Fish can be chiefly chosen among sole or snapper and the rest you know the kind of baking you have to go for. Surplus toppings can be made by adding fresh veggie leaves and added taste of batter in it.


8.) Spaghetti Squash

One of the best hot favorite USA meal is spaghetti. Although, the present young generation go for pasta, but spaghetti is still high in demand among them. It can be served with spaghetti sauces after making and the meal is too hygienic and satisfying as well. Cheese can be sprinkled from the top above and get it mixed up with some veggie salad. This is the 8th healthiest meal in demand.


7.) Chicken Breasts with Asparagus

It is the only fashionable meal in demand in the present world. In fact the best can be obtained from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) but the only thing needed in it is that you need stuffed not a fully fried one. It is the best nutritious meal which can be made using the slices of small pieces made of chicken and then stuffing it with spinach or leaves. Other ingredients include tomatoes, cheese for toppings and stuffing’s. Bake with olive oil at low fire for use and then the meal is ready to serve within 30 minutes.


6.) Sirloin Steak with Salad

One of the best meal is prepared from veggie leaves that is Salad. Only thing which is in need is Sirloin steaks in it and a few slices of avocado only if need arises. It is high in saturated fats and mixed with fry up with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Some of the extra toppings can be made using yogurt as antioxidant helpful in skin shine.


5.) Pizza — Home Made

It is very uncommon to find a Pizza in the list of healthy meal but his stuffed roti is the best meal available to us. The only thing which is considered for pizza is that it should be homemade rather than brought from market. With ingredients including eggplant, mushrooms and tortilla and a pizza base bread. All ingredients are added in demand with toppings of sauce and veggies like onions, paper, asparagus and mushrooms as per need. Lastly sprinkle over it with some cheese and bake it accordingly. The pizza so made is the healthiest one. This is at number 5 in the list.


4.)  Chicken & Veggie Fry

One of the quickest and easiest made meal is chicken with veggie fry. Veggie fries can not only be used with Haka noodles but with fleshy chicken as well. It is best in available sources of protein and nutrients. Covering the full range of demand of nutrients, it is used with chicken to add surplus need of nutrition at the same time. Protein full chicken and fibrous veggie fulfills the demand and makes it the most compatible dietary meal.


3.) Broccoli & Salmon

Salmon in fact is the cold water fish full of fatty omega acids and useful in reducing the effect of heart diseases and controls it as well. It is also used as non-inflammation agent in the body and regulates the body pressure. Bake the fish in low fire and add some rich antioxidants veggies in it which is helpful in the prevention of cancer. Olive oil cooking is suggested for boosting in fats and making it the 3rd best and healthiest diet meal.


2.) Onion Omelet and Swiss chard

The most refreshing breakfast meal in demand is Omelet which is mixed with full of onion in it and a few Swiss chards are the best complimentary with it. It is the nutrition full for everyone since breakfast is not easily fulfilling the dietary plan of proteins and minerals and at the same time, it will be fulfilling the same. This is the 2nd healthiest meal in demand all over and suggested by doctors.


1.) Oats and Berries

Although, cereals are always the best breakfast option in the range but the steel cut oats are always preferred all over the world. It is the instant energy replenishing meal and the berries will add up extra taste with nutrition in it. Other mixing up can be added simultaneously in it like yogurt, cream, cheese, butter for extra taste and dietary compliments. This is the best and the healthiest meal loved all over the world.

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