Top 10 Benefits One Can Avail From Almonds

Almond is one of the healthiest nuts; however, these are not basically nuts and are considered as seed. The almonds were initially found in West Asia and North Africa. These have various dietary benefits. Here the top ten benefits of these almonds

10. Lowers the cholesterol

Almonds are considered as one of the biggest resources of mono-saturated fats which are very helpful in lowering the bad cholesterol in our body. According to a research it was found that the people who ate a handful of almonds every day we’re able to reduce their cholesterol level to 4.4 percent.

9. Prevents cancer

The fibers which are present in the almonds also have detoxifying nature. These fibers permit the foods to move through our digestive systems properly and cleanse pour system. This further reduces the chances of colon cancer among the individuals. Moreover, it has also been proved that the diets containing the appropriate amount of fiber are also very helpful in preventing certain types of cancers among the people. Moreover, it is also considered as the excellent resource of flavonoids, Phytochemicals and vitamin E.

8. Diabetes protection

Almonds are considered as to have the stumpy Glycemic index. Various studies have shown that almonds have the ability to reduce after a meal escalation in the blood sugar and therefore are also helpful in the stabilization of sugar levels in our blood.

7. Increases your energy level

The almonds are also rich resources of copper, riboflavin and magnesia. These are important components which constitute to energy manufacturing in our body. Therefore, if you are feeling that the energy level of your body is reduced then almonds are the best option for you.

6. Prevent birth defects

The Almonds contain folic acids which are very helpful in preventing the birth defects. These folic acids play significant roles in the healthy growth of cells as well as tissue configuration which is very important for the fetus.

5. Improves brainpower

The scientific studies have also shown that the almonds contain L carnitine and riboflavin nutrients. These nutrients are considered as very significant for the growth of brain function. Moreover, Ayurveda also advises to take at least five almonds for maximum growth of the brain.

4. Strengthens teeth and bones

The almonds are also good resources of micronutrients such as phosphorus as well as calcium, which further strengthen our bones as well as teeth. It also provides other nutrients which are considered to be very helpful in improving bone mineral density.


3. Prevention from Anemia

Anemia is a disease which is basically caused because of deficiency in quantities of blood and oxygen in our red blood cells. The components present in the almonds such as vitamins, iron and copper acts as the catalyst for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

2. Skin care

The almond soil is considered as one of the best skin moisturizer and it is equipped with the linoleic acid. It also retains the vitamin E for a healthy skin.

1. Treats hair problems

The Almonds are also considered as the best solution for people who are facing the problems of loss of hair. It is also helpful in curing problem of dandruff and prevents graying or tapering of hairs.


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