Top 10 Benefits of Walking Exercise

Walking is one of the best exercises anyone can do. It comes with a lot of advantages that not everyone realizes. Walking for beginners is perfect because it provides a lot of healthy and positive things to health. Here are the top 10 benefits of walking exercise.

Top 10 Benefits of Walking Exercise

Good Cardio Workout

Walking is said to improve heart activity and strengthen the walls of your heart. This is why it is considered as a good cardio workout for everyone. It keeps your heart pumping to a healthy rate and enhances your blood circulation.

Burns Large Amount of Calories

Walking every day can also lower your calories. As you walk, you use large amount of energy and as a result burns more calories.

Prevents Heart Disease

Walking every day comes with a lot of positive and healthy things and one of which is it helps prevent heart diseases. Through walking you are slowly and effectively lowering the level of your bad cholesterol or LDL, stroke and other heart diseases is effectively prevented.

Tones Your Leg Muscles

Because you are using all the muscles in your legs and few of it in your abdomen, walking helps improve your muscle tone specifically your legs, buttocks and abdomen.

Enhances Your Energy Level

We all know that performing any type of exercises help increase energy level. However, walking is way different as it is very effective in giving you the right amount of energy your cell needs. It helps circulate your blood and oxygen supply and as a return boosts your energy level.

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Because walking decreases bad cholesterol level, it is also natural to stabilize your blood pressure level. This form of exercise increases your HDL or otherwise known as your good cholesterol level. No wonder a good and stabilize blood pressure is easy to achieve.

Keeps Your Happy

Don’t you know that walking helps you release good amount of endorphins? This is why it keeps you happy for endorphins are responsible for making one feel lighter and happier. You are not prone to depression and it makes you feel relaxed.

Prevents Diabetes

According to some studies, through walking you’ll be able to decrease your chances of acquiring diabetes. As long as you walk for more than 2 hours every week will help you avoid diabetes according to doctors.

It’s Free

Unlike other exercises, walking can be done anywhere and without paying for any gym fee’s unless you want to use a treadmill. Walking is free and can be done as long as you want, anywhere and anytime.

Good for the Bones

This exercise is not bad for your joints unlike when you go for a jog. Your joint does not feel too much impact when walking yet burns large amount of calories.


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