Top 10 Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea has gained so much popularity among people all over the world and it has been around us for thousands of years. It is extensively originated in Asia. There are numbers of health benefits offered by green tea.

10. Weight loss: It has been found that Green tea is very useful in increasing the metabolism in the body. The polyphenol that is found in the green tea performs to intensify the fat oxidation levels & rate at which body of individual turns the food into calories. Green tea is very helpful in burning calories and burn more than 70 calories in a day.

9. ANTI aging: Green tea contains antioxidant which is also known as the polyphenol; these fights against the free radicals. These antioxidants help in promoting the longevity and slowdown the anti aging process.

8. Depression: Theanine is amino acid that is found in green tea. Amino acids are the substances which provide feel of relax. One can get tranquilizing effect and it can be great beneficial to those people who take Green tea.

7. Antibacterial and Anti viral: Green tea contains an antiviral agent and strong bacterial which is very helpful in treating cancer and influenza. It has been found that Green tea reduces the risks of many diseases.

6. Blood pressure and tooth decay: Regular consumption of the green tea is considered as the best remedy so it reduces the risks of HBP and dental diseases. Green tea destroys all the bacteria which are found in the mouth and lessens the throat infections and all the dental problems.

5. Skin care: green tea is also useful fir the skin as it helps removing all the wrinkles of faces and reduces the signs of aging. It is because of antioxidant & anti inflammatory activities. It is also helpful in reducing the sun effects.

4. Heart disease: According to numbers of studies, which are held by scientists observe that green tea is really useful in the lining of the blood vessels. Green tea helps people feeling better and relaxes. Clots are the primary causes of heart diseases so by taking green tea one can reduce the formation rate of clots.

Benefits Of Green Tea

3. Cancer: Green tea is considered as the best remedies for those people who have the problem of cancer. Green tea reduces the chances of cancers. Specially, it is useful in reducing the risk of occurring esophageal cancer.

2. Detoxifies the body: Green tea is useful for detoxifying the body. You can get rid of all type toxins which can make you feel bloated and sluggish. There will be no need to take any detox diet because by taking Green tea you can easily detoxify your body.

1. Green tea for Diabetes and Alzheimer’s: This tea is useful in boosting the memory and improves the glucose and lipid metabolism. Green tea prevents fast increase in the levels of blood sugar & balances the metabolism rate of the body. As there is no any remedy or cure for Alzheimer but it helps in reducing the acetylcholine in the brain.

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