Top 10 Benefits of Drinking Water

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water!”

Oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds water is everywhere, to think flip-side, It is this humble water that gives life and creates everything – trees, plants, fruits, animals, humans! Did you know scientifically water is made from two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen, adding to that there is also a yet to be discovered “third element” that contributes in combination of these molecules.  We have learnt this from our child hood days that water has no taste, color & odor, but still it satisfies the inner soul every time it touches your lips. Read along to know the top ten advantages of drinking water.

10. Stay Hydrated! :


Winter season in our country marks sales up for cold cream brands. Our skins become dry and the best solution we find to get back to supple skin is by applying lot of moisturizers. The truth being by drinking water for free we can maintain our skin’s texture and health.  70% our total body contains water and thus, it is really essential that you keep your body hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals.

9. Look Younger:


Ever thought what is the real secret behind a good skin? Well, it is the skin that glows from within. I am sure expensive creams and other beauty products cannot manage to make your skin glow as much as few glasses of water can do. Water has magical properties in it, studies have proved that drinking water at regular intervals help to keep the level of skin health high and thus, protects it from aging effects. Dirt and pollution that stick to our skin and enter deep into the pores can also be removed by drinking enough water. Surely, all this for free!

8. Digest Better, Avoid Constipation:

Human digestive system

We eat so much all through the day, it becomes even more important to let our system digest and absorb the food we consume with utmost efficiency because in today’s era the quality and quantity of food we consume has changed drastically. Most of the food items we consume contain fats, preservatives & indigestible substances in it. Fiber and water go hand in hand, your metabolism increases as digestion improves. One water, multiple benefits!

7. Feel Healthy, Fall Sick Lesser:


The list about the benefits of drinking water can go endlessly, here is another one. Latest scientific discoveries have proved that drinking water helps in fighting multiple infections and flus. Our body parts like heart and kidney also benefit if you drink water in plenty; it avoids blockage and stone creation respectively. In other words one of the benefits of drinking water is that you can improve your immune system. Here is a good tip for you, add one spoon full of lemon juice into warm water and drink it early morning, not only will it improve your immunity system it will keep your body cells healthy!

6. Relives Fatigue, Stay Happy:


Do you get tired easily? Are you raising your voice on pity issues? Then water can become your best friend. The logic is simple – water helps our body to flush out toxins, so the pressure on our heart to pump out oxygenated blood cells decreases, other organs get their supply of oxygen on time and our body stays happy! And when body is happy you are sure to smile from your heart! The water we drink melts down from mountains, crosses gorges, cannel’s, valleys to become a river, then moves kilometers to reach into your city. Further it is processed, filtered, purified and then finally lands into your glass. All this hard work for you to stay happy! Learn to appreciate it!

5.  Work better & be more Productive:


We all have been blessed by great brains by God. Many of us may be even hard working at work. But is that enough? In a tough competitive world of today it is really important to work hard and also work smart. Our brain has to manage a lot all through the day. It has to keep working round the clock. Even when you sleep, remember dreams are also brain at work! Have you ever wondered what is our brain made up of? Again it is water. The more water we drink the more hydrated our brain will stay and the better we can work, Modest isn’t it? After all the complex computations our brains do for us all through the day give it a sweet gift, a glass full of holy water!

4. Less Cramps and Sprains:

Distinguish between different types of muscle injury

People off late in their younger ages have complaints of week bones, joint pains etc. Creaking sounds produced when you try to stand-up, cramps in feet or hands have become quite common these days. Knee pains, arthritis, stiffness in bones are few problems to mention. The reason behind all these is just one – lubrication. Between our muscles and bones lubricants work to avoid friction. If the body is not properly hydrated, it becomes very difficult to maintain smoothness in movement. This leads to multiple problems in the skeleton structure. Drinking plenty of water keeps body greases our bones helping them to stay flexible and strong.

3. Exercise Better, Stay Fit:


Water, water and some water, the benefits of drinking this chemical substance are so many to list down. Another one is this; you can exercise better and stay fit if you regularly drink water. Drinking water regulates your body temperature that means you will feel more energetic while you exercise. Carry a bottle of water always with you like you carry your phone, keep reminders to drink water, make it a habit, and get addicted. This addiction will surely benefit you! Pour water from a little height into your glass and listen to its mystic sound, there cannot be a better stress buster. Water can be adopted in your daily lives in manifold ways and in every approach it is guaranteed to only be advantageous!

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer:


It is rightly said that prevention is always better than cure. This quote can be truly justified in this benefit of drinking water. Think about the enormous benefits water can give you, after all the points mentioned above we can definitely say that water is one of the best gifts given to us by Almighty! Here, is another example of the same – Related to digestive system, some studies show that drinking healthy amount of water may reduce the risk of bladder cancer and colon cancer. Water dilutes the concentration of cancer causing agents in urine and shortens the duration in which they are in contact with the bladder.

1.      Lose Weight:


This is something interesting and ear raising point! How can drinking water help in weight reduction? Well, scientists have found that water contains fat breaking down properties that flushes fat out of our body. Drinking water reduces your hunger; it is an effective appetite suppressant so you will eat less. Drinking water at regular intervals also keeps your mouth clean, keeping your mouth odor free! Mix honey and lime juice in a glass of hot water and drink it daily early morning, it cuts down unwanted fat, detoxifies your body, cleans the digestive system, helps in better urination and the list can go endless!






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