Top 10 Albino Animals

Albinism is commonly known as achromia, achromasia, or achromatosis is a condition which affects several parts of the body including the eyes, skin and the hair. It is known to affect all the vertebrates and humans are the worst sufferers. The ocular albinism affects the eyes and other affects skin and hair. This may lead to cancer as well. Albinism is a condition where the creature lacks the sufficient amount of melanin, a pigment know to make the skin darker.  Thus the creatures lacks’ the hue and color. If you think which the other creatures that suffer from albinism are, hold on! Here are the top 10 animals that suffer from albinism.

10. Albino Manta rays.

Manta rays are the sea creatures which are often referred as the living carpets of the sea. These creatures are not visible with naked eyes until and unless you step on them accidentally.  This helps them to hide from the predators under the sand. Thus it helps them to stay away f from the prey. It has proved to be a boon for the Manta rays.

9. Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are the smallest known bird. They have bright feathers and the tongues are very sharp. Albino humming birds are rare, but they do exist.

Top 10 Albino Animals

Albino Humming Bird

8. Albino Cobra

Cobra is one of the nature’s predators. Can you imagine what will happen if they blend with the environment. Albino cobras are found but they are also rare.

7. Albino Chameleon

The chameleon has the best ability to hunt their prey by changing color. Albino chameleon doesn’t have the ability to change color. And it’s sad! This is the only ability for which they are known and now they suck at it.

6. Albino Skunk

The skunk’s white stripe keeps people away from them as they smell worse that the sewage. The entire white skunk is like the petite ninja with the trade mark of discoloration. They are cute. They are the cute cat like creatures.

Top 10 Albino Animals Shunk


5. Albino Leopard

They are rare and fine. They are the most commonly found albino cats that are big.  One of the albino leopards was found in the UK.

4. Albino Koala

Koalas are known to eat and sleep for the whole day.  It is reported that albino koala exists. In the San Diego zoo, their lives an albino Koala name Onya-Biri.

3. Albino Bat

The nocturnal creatures are active in the night. Imagine how an albino bat will look. Such creatures exist in reality.

2. Albino Snail

When it rains, you can smell the snail and it’s slimy. Everyone hates snail and wants to get rid of it. In New Zealand albino snails are found which are white.

1. Albino Humans

Human beings are the most common creatures to be affected by albinism. This is a condition when the skin pigments and vision are greatly affected as the melanin pigment is found in fewer amounts or not found. Such is the case when there is a genetic defect and the gene transfers from the parents.

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