Top 10 Things that are More Important than Money

Before the 1200 B.C, there wasn’t any concept of money. Earlier if you wanted to have something then you will have to give something in return. A bargain was made; you give the milk of your cow to a farmer and in return, he will provide you with vegetables from his farm; you give something to person and get something in return. This is how life was; the concept of money was brought into existence 2500 years ago.

Money had the face of the gold coins, the more gold coins you have the more rich you are. Later different types of coins were invented which acted as the credit; moving on the money was converted into printed paper and today most of the money we use is plastic, that is Credit cards, Visa cards etc.

When we slant a look at the history then in the former year, a man was to be recognized by his wisdom and knowledge but today a man is recognized by how much amount of credit or wealth is entitled to his name. In today’s world, money speaks; money not only speaks but it runs in the marathon and gets the first prize. Money can buy you anything. Cars, houses, property, servants, luxury; but cannot buy you peace. There are things which money can never help you purchase. There are bargains which cannot be made with money.

These are the things which are more important than money; money can never compete with those things. The top 10 things which are more important than money are:


People working 16 to 18 hours a day; and not only work but they also encounter and deal with complications and predicaments. Stress is the main cause of the accretions in health issues. Life is long Journey; you have to witness a lot of things and for that you need health. Having a good health and being in best shape is a must. Nothing in this world is more relevant than your well-being, not even money. You are here in this world to live, not to do some donkey struggle. Working 10-12 hours is far more than enough. If you have a good health you can earn money anytime, but if you lose your health you won’t be able to work anymore



If are lying in a hospital ward after an accident, it is your family who will step forward to look after you, it is definitely your family who will stay the night at the hospital with you. If you get sick, it is your family who will be at your beck and call. Not your boss, not your clients and blatantly not your money. Your family members are the people whom you were with when you had no money so they are undoubtedly more special than money. Money can never ever buy you nice family but a nice family can definitely help you become something.


It takes decade to build a life and one simple mistake takes a second to ruin it. One wrong turn and you are off the mountain. Money makes people do things that are highly unmoral; you may get the money but it will cost your esteem. What will you do with the money when no one gives a single ounce of Respect. Money makes a person arrogant and no one likes arrogant people. With money you will have many servants running around you but none of them will have any respect for you in their hearts. Your esteem comes before the money.


People tend to stay in the same place, in the same profession, in the same field because they have attained expertise in the area. The job is providing them with money and security. People do not move, because if they move to another place they will have to start all over again. Money bounds them a single place. Life is about discovering new things and new place, life is not about staying in the same place and earning money


Many humans work whole night, some choose work at two different places; they attend the day shift at one job and the night shift at other job, so that they can earn some more money. Some bring loads of their work home with them and spend entire night working at home. God has created day to work and night to sleep. Do not violate God’s rule by working at night only for the sake of some extra credit. No, night is to sleep and we should not disturb our sound sleep for money. This money will never give you a good night sleep so why ruin our good night sleep for money.


Religion, customs, traditions, moral values are the foundations of a civilization. These are the values which differentiate a group of humans from a troop of dogs. What difference will remain present between us and animals if we do not protect our values and keep them intact? Our values are far more important than wealth because these values bring prosperity in a nation,



Dreams have the power to make a man and they have the power to break a man too. It is solely in our hands to choose; either we can follow our dreams and turn our passion into reality or we can lock up our dreams in a dungeon and follow wealth. Money will make your every desire some true but it will never succeed in filling up the gap in your heart.



Feudal lords, kings, Emperors have never been able to change the face of the world. They had tons of money along with power yet they were unable to change the world. They were Newton, Einstein, Archimedes, Al-Beruni and many other scientists who brought a change in world. The great mathematician, physician and chemists, who succeed in shaking the firm pillars of the history; the ordinary people who were bestowed with knowledge.


An unhappy man can never make others happy. Happiness is never for sale; happiness comes from the heart. Happiness is the biggest blessing of God, those who have it never understand its importance; ask those who long for a moment of happiness. Do things which make you happy.


Every human breaths but it is your soul which makes you alive. Never ever indulge in such an Act which can bring harm to our soul because once your soul is damaged, you die every day, every minute and every second. Protect your soul from the odds and evils, never made a bargain related to your soul. Money can buy you a new heart but it cannot heal the damage done to your soul.

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