10 Bad Side Effects of Coffee on Health

Coffee’s has become an important part of Daily routine for millions of People worldwide, it’s delightful aroma and taste makes us crave to have it numerous time’s in a day. Coffee has become so integral for a lot of us that it has become hard for us to start our day (or get up from our bed) without drinking a mug of Coffee.

Coffee is Bad on Health

Coffee initially became popular as a way to avoid drowsiness but now days it has also become a beverage that is most commonly consumed by people and is fast replacing Tea as the most Popular beverage in the world. But in reality things look different and grim, research by health analysts shows that Coffee (one of World’s most favourite drink) has more bad effects on health than the Good ones and we don’t really think if you should consider consuming it any longer seeing the long list of side effects of coffee below.


10. Coffee Effect on Bones

Coffee is bad for Bones

This is one very serious effect of Coffee and still has been placed on our List on Number 10th position which itself shows why coffee can turn out to be seriously bad for your Health and must be avoided. Coffee lessens Calcium level in the body by eroding it from the bones and decreased Bone’s mineral density. Coffee’s main ingredient is Caffeine which increases Urination cycle and the eroded Calcium is excreted out of the body, this condition is known as “Osteoporosis”. With the passage of time and high consumption of Coffee the bone’s gradually become so weak that they fracture or sprain very easily and hence increasing the risks of a serious health issue.

9. Coffee Effect on Heart and Cardiovascular System

Coffee is not for your Heart

Clearly Heart is the most important organ in the body and Coffee has a seriously bad effect over that too. Caffeine blocks adenosine which in turn effect blood vessels and a Blocked Blood vessel has a series of side effects on Heart. Coffee is known to cause major heart related issues like Increasing Blood Pressure, Increasing Heart Beat rate because of blocked arteries which in turn causes high fatigue even by doing low physical activity, Increases the risks of Heart Attacks, and a lot of related issues. A recent research showed that Excessive consumption of Coffee caused an increased risk of 12% in Heart related issues.

8. Increase in Cholesterol Level

Coffee Cholestrol

Are you suffering from High Cholesterol Problem? than Coffee is strictly not for you. Coffee is known to contain a substance known as Cafestol although in very small volume (less than 1%) but it shoots up the Cholesterol volume by up to 1%-2% in men and women which is itself a very serious issue. Cholesterol increase creates a series of life threatening diseases and Excessive Coffee typically more than 2 cups is a strict No for Cholesterol affected people. Also there are some varieties of Coffee that don’t create contain Cafestol which are typically Turkish and Scandinavian one’s since they are unfiltered one’s but that would again contain some other impurities which would cause other health related issues.

7. Anxiety and Panic Attack

Coffee Anxiety and Sad

I have seen my friend get some extreme anxiety and panic attacks by drinking a cup of coffee but i understand that it might be just one odd case out. But seeing the reviews and discussions of people in some popular forum it certainly looks true that coffee can lead to Anxiety and Panic attacks among people and can change your mood, although  the cases are rare but you can certainly be one of them at any moment of time. But why does Coffee cause anxiety? the Answer again is because of it’s most essential ingredient Caffeine. This Psychopath drug is one of the major reasons for the bad side effects of Coffee. It works at keeping drowsiness away temporarily but gives long term health problems to the body.

6. Fluid Loss and Dehydration

Body comprises of 2/3rd of Fluids and understandably excess depletion of Fluids would cause health problems. Coffee consumption increases Urination cycle which causes dehydration and also causes Appetite loss which trust us won’t make you thin any how but give you another set of Body and Health effects. Fluids are a very important part to stay fit and any excessive loss can make you Exhausted and Tired throughout.

5. Coffee and Nervous System

Coffee effect on Brain

Brain produces a substance known as Adenosine, it fire’s it regularly and promotes sleep as and when body requires it. But the injection of Caffeine through Coffee replicates the Adenosine size and shape and acts as artificial component and plays with natural mechanism of the Brain thus not providing sufficient rest and needs to the body as and when directed by the Brain. Coffee also increases energy level in the body but at the same time also dcreases blood flow in the body not making the body receptive to the increase in the energy level and creating extra effect on Brain and Heart. Coffee also reduces natural learning curve and prolonged drinking of the coffee could cut the power to grasp and memorize things for long.

4. Effects Health of New Born Baby

Pregnant Women should strictly stay away from the Coffee, it could  have bad effects on not just their health but can also affect the health of the new upcoming child. The child’s natural defense mechanism would be too weak to bear any sought of health related side effects of Coffee and Caffeine and extreme overdose could actually prove very harmful or cause Miscarriage hence natural alternatives must be preferred.

3. Insomnia and Sleep Issues

As told earlier Coffee replicates Adenosine shape and size which is a natural receptor telling Brain about the body and keeping Brain informed about Sleep cycle but because of replication of Adenosine, Coffee affects natural sleep cycle causing problem known as Insomnia. Prolonged and excessive Coffee consumption affects sleep cycle and doesn’t lets have the natural and sound sleep. Also you wouldn’t be able to fix a natural time cycle of sleep and would wake up from sleep at any time. Sleep no longer remains deep and even the smallest and minutest movement would hamper your sleep.

2. Stroke or Heart Attack

Coffee Heart Attack

Stroke is a lethal Heart Condition and is mainly caused because of Blood Vessel’s issue. Obesity is one condition that causes Stroke. Coffee is another one, the high amount of  Caffeine present in Coffee blocks the Blood Vessels and hence causing a major condition of Stroke. When the blood vessels are not able to supply the desired amount of blood to every body part the heart starts to beat Faster which inturn causes higher pressure on heart and serious condition of Stroke or Heart attack.

1. Addiction

Coffee Addiction is Important

I am not sure if a lot of you would agree with the side effects of Coffee listed above but this is one point that you can’t ignore, Coffee is one such beverage that causes severe addiction. People today are consuming an average of 3.5 cups of coffee a day and some are consuming as much as 8-10 cups a day which clearly depicts that Coffee is a strong addiction (anything in excess is bad). We know it might not be possible for you to leave coffee straight away but you should consume it in small volume (around 1 or 2 cups a day) and that would nearly finish most of the risk associated with Coffee. So try taking your first step today to save yourself from the bad side effects of Coffee and it’s major ingredient Caffeine.

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