10 Ways to Prevent from Getting Sick and Staying Healthy

Are you often getting sick? No one likes to get sick and get stuck into the bed. Your daily habits and your diet are the important factors that can prevent you from getting sick. Regular checkups from doctor and proper intake of food can make you prevent sickness. Here we have the most important tips for you to shoo away the viruses and bacteria.

10)  Take Proper rest

The main causes of physical as well as your mental illness have the roots to insufficient sleep. Less sleep weakens your immune system and it makes you more vulnerable to diseases. There has been no theory proposed till now that relates sleep and immune system. One possible reason of falling ill when you don’t get proper sleep is that your body don’t get rest and hence can’t prepare itself for further tasks. This has been noticed that people who don’t get a proper sleep of at least 8 hours day are more prone to get infectious diseases. So if you are falling sleep and there is no medical reason behind it, just change your sleeping habits.

9) Don’t touch dirty surfaces


Cold and flu not only spreads due to just person to person interaction but it can also spread if you come in contact to dirty surfaces. This form of indirect transmission of viruses can also make you bed-prone. There are many viruses and bacteria that can even survive outside human body for many hours. So when you touch public properties or things used by many people like counter tops, telephone booth, lift to your apartment or to your office cabin and doorknobs wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap.

8)  Exercise a little bit daily

Exercising daily for some time has been known to enhance your immune system and it also makes you look attractive. Indulge yourself into exercising activities such as small walk, yoga, swimming, and burning your extra calories in gym all can make you stay healthy and fit. When you exercise your body sweats out toxins and makes you healthy. Even when you lose calories you are minimizing the heart diseases and it will make your heart healthier. And exercise decreases inflammatory molecules. These molecules damage your immune system.

7) Avoid parties when you are suffering from cold and flu

If you are the one who is in habit to drink smoke and do drugs, then you are advised not to party hard and consume all these things. It is known that alcohol, smoking and drugs tend to weaken the immune system. Cigarettes contain nicotine that suppresses the immune system. If you have a weak immune system you are more vulnerable to get sick. And even if you want to go for these things do it in a environment that has no viruses of flu and cold.

6) Avoid sharing things that can carry germs

When you were a child you were obviously taught by the elders to share your things. Here we are telling you to do the opposite. Don’t share your food, toothbrush, cigarettes, and drinks as they can carry your mouth germs. Using these things can make you fall ill. So just forget about the values taught in your childhood and learn to be selfish if you love your immune system.

5)  Avoid junk and unprocessed foods

Junk foods and the sugary foods not only make you obese but also reduce the strength of your immune system. If you eat food more oily and spicy food and specially in some restaurant you are more prone to get sick, since these foods contains germs and are not healthy for your body. When we see the number of sick people you will find that people who are fatter are more diseased and have a weak immune system. So forget the tasty burger and the yummy pizza and switch over to more green veggies.

4) Keep yourself and your surroundings clean

Are you the one who do not like to bath daily and keep the house clean. If it is so then you need to change your habits. Dirty surroundings can increase the growth of bacteria and viruses which can make you fall sick. It is also necessary to bath daily as germs collect on our body due to daily activities. These germs if not get ridden of can lead to diseases.

3) Keep yourself hydrated

Did you know that 95 percent of your brain, 82 percent of your blood and 90 percent of your lungs are made up of water? Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is very beneficial for your health since it increase circulation, removes toxins from your blood and reduces immune diseases. So your body requires you to do a favor drink plenty of water daily and remain hydrated. Drinking water when you are sick also helps you to get better faster.

2) More fruits and vegetables is all that you need

You should take healthy diets rich in vitamins and minerals. Eating such a diet will help your immune system fight infections in a better way. it is not still known which food is more helpful in making you recover but just load your diet with darker and more colorful food and you will all be healthy.

1) Keep away from sick people

The most important thing that will prevent you from getting sick is to avoid the sickos. This tip needs a very little explanation as the title itself is very much enough to explain this. If you have to go to a party full of sick people just avoid it. A virus of flu and cold spreads mainly due to person to person contact. Avoid it from sick people and you will be healthy and fine.



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