10 tips for those travelling for First Time in Flight

Often it has been observed that people are scared while travelling first time on flight due to various reasons from reaching at airport till their departure. There worry at some point is fine on the other hand it may lead to severe problems thus one should always plan his/her routine in such a way at last moment one should go tension free from home and don’t be anxiety. People travelling first time whether in their country or abroad should always take suggestions from others which travel often which will give them confidence of having things . Here are some tips for those who are travelling first time in the flight.

10. Carry First Aid Kit

Some people fear about takeoff and landing specially which are travelling first in flight thus it is always advisable to carry some medicines along with you according to your health prescribed by doctor. No doubt every airplane have all the facilities but it is more suitable to carry own as it is possible that they might not have which suits your body or required to you.

9. Don’t carry any metal object

According to the rules and regulations of Aircraft security there are some things which are strongly prohibited by them due to security reasons specially metal objects. These things which are restricted are known to the people which travel day and forth but some people are unaware about these things which are travelling first time or people which take first flight going abroad thus it is important to note some things. Some of the main equipments are knives, weapons, sporting goods, magnetic material etc.

8. Careful about handbag and luggage weight

Due to plane journey it has been noticed that people carry less luggage but double their one luggage weight that is not correct. Thus it is advisable for the passengers to read all the instructions of the country whether they are going out of country or not that how much weight they should carry so that during check in procedure any confusion should not take place on the other hand  to reduce weight one should not forget important things there only.

7. Eat less and dehydrate

 People who are travelling first time in flight should eat less so that any acidity or other problem should not arise during takeoff as fear might also occur. One should always consume hour early before the takeoff of the flight on the other hand same goes during landing also. Such small things may be ignored by people which travel regularly but this should not be ignored by one who are travelling first time as at this situation no one knows how their body will react thus it’s better to take precautions beforehand.

6. Manage necessities in hand bag


One should always carry handbag in the plane whether male or female as you can include important necessities which one think might be utilized during journey whether it is 2 hours journey or long one while going abroad. Person who is going alone might get bored so carry book to read, snacks to eat if flight not offering anything, due to weather change may one feel cold or hot thus one should carry such clothing in the hand bag only specially if one travelling with children. One handbag should not be too big nor should too small it be medium size.

5. Safety instructions during takeoff

These are utmost instructions which one should carefully listen given by air hostess or flight steward during extreme bad conditions whether it is some health disease or plane crash. Plane steward or air hostess demonstrate how and when to use oxygen mask, how to fasten seat belt and indicating towards emergency exit doors if emergency arises. Even passengers are also instructed about smoking as they are not supposed to smoke and during takeoff and landing once you fasten seat belt nobody is allowed to get up from their seats. Such instructions are beneficial not only adults but also for children’s.

4. Finding right terminal for plane

It is quite normal that one who are travelling first in the flight may get confused after reaching at the airport that which gate to enter and which not. Mostly every airport have different gates for domestic and international flights so one can notice according to their destination, secondly one can even ask guard. Moreover most of the airports display large computer screens which highlight  respective flights and their terminals and time so one need not to be confused but need to reach on time.

3. Careful during check in procedure

Check in procedure is the important process on the part of aircraft securities and also for passengers to make their journey calm till boarding thus one should be careful during check in and checkout process. Before this one should check airport terminal and from where one will check in after that one will deposit their luggage and security will check every passenger through scanner one might be told to remove jewellery and open handbags for security reasons but one should not be panic its normal. All the documents will be checked time and again thus they should be placed at the nearest.

2. Collect important documents

Passengers are advised to carry every document from passport till tickets and their copies delicately as they should not be misplaced otherwise one knows the result on the other hand one proof copy should also be there with you. Whether one is travelling in the country or abroad documents should not be lost till one arrives in the place from where they started whether it is one side ticket also on the other hand one should have as much photocopies of all the documents to remain at safe hands.

1. Punctual

One who wants to travel in flight should know the importance of time thus it is always advised that one should reach hour early before the allotted time in the tickets as they didn’t include check in process and all the formalities which every aircraft does being their responsibility. Once you reach at airport one feels relaxed and travel cool minded without any tension every procedure is done and reach at the destination. Reaching on time is the biggest duty of the person who is travelling in the flight.


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