10 Things you Should do to Protect your Teeth

Everyone appreciate the person who has beautiful smile which means having good oral hygiene. Everyone want to have shiny, healthy and excellent teeth for that proper care and protection is very necessary. Good maintenance increase the life of teeth. Here are some tips mentioned below for protecting teeth.


Brushing your teeth twice a day is very good habit for healthy teeth but brushing more then 3 times may be harmful. Brushing within 20 min after rich meal or after coffee cup or soft drink may also cause problem so one should wait to brush his/her teeth for about half an hour. Gum problems may occur if you brush your teeth too hard. Brushing teeth for 2 min gently and softly is enough. First of all clean your outer surface then inner surface. After it clean your chewing surface and then clean your tongue for fresh smell and to remove the bacteria. It is very necessary to have a proper brush and toothpaste. Be sure that your toothpaste is consist of fluoride which is very necessary for teeth. There are lots of special toothpaste varieties are available in market like for the people who are suffering from toothaches,sensitivity, tartar or gum problems etc. Replace your brush after 2 months otherwise it may affect your teeth. Brushing as well as regular dental checkup will make your teeth healthy.

9. Flossing:

Flossing is also very necessary. Why necessary?? Because it will help to remove plague from those places where toothbrush is unable to reach. Plague can cause tooth decay or gum problem. Sometime flossing can cause bleeding but don’t panic, it is common. We should floss as well as brush regularly. Flossing can be done by single filament or nylon one.It up to you which one you like. Nylon floss is available in various flavors.

8. For sensitive teeth:

Lots of people are suffering from the problem of sensitivity, while they eat or drink something hot or cold. You should consult your doctor immediately if the level of pain is very much. There are various ways to handle this problem, now days there are toothpastes having potassium nitrate in it which will help to recover from sensitivity For example Sensodyne, Crest etc. Some mouthwashes are also available in market to rid off this problem.When you are brushing your teeth, don’t clean them with high pressure. Always use lukewarm water to brush your teeth. Be sure that mouthwash or toothpaste contain proper content of fluoride which will strengthen the outer enamel of your teeth.

7. For toothache :

Toothache is somewhat very common in people. It may occur due to eating of too much sugary food, due to cracked teeth, or may occur due to teeth related problem. If you are suffering from toothache then garlic is considered to be best for it so to eat garlic, firstly 2 chew clove or you can mix clove oil in olive oil, then soak it by using cotton ball and rub it against your teeth. Salt is also very effective way to overcome the toothache problem, it will to kill bacteria. Vanilla extract is also for toothache specially given to kids. Fresh onion juice, ginger, ammonia, banyan tree sap, powder from burnt mango leaves will help to relieve toothache.

6. For yellow teeth:

There are lots of home made remedies for whitening teeth. There are different types of toothpastes, bleaches etc for teeth in market. Here are some home remedies for you to make teeth healthy. Strawberries and Grapes seeds extract are very good for teeth. Strawberries covered with chocolate an act as an antibacterial element, it will reduce the amount of bacteria because chocolate contain of the cocoa bean husk. Baking soda is a cleansing agent , one should use this to avoid yellowness. Mix peroxide with water and use it before brushing. Mix salt with lemon juice then use it on your teeth. There are teeth whitening powders, gels available with contain peroxide. There are special white pen which are very much preferred by people it can be use anytime and anywhere.

5.  Regular Dental Checkup:

Why regular dental checkup????  To prevent bad breath, for maintain good physical health and oral health. Dental checkup will detect any dental problems at early stages if they go untreated then root canals or gum surgery and may be removal of teeth could become the only last options available as treatment. There are many chances of oral cancer if problem is big so to prevent oral cancer it is necessary. Every person should visit dentist after 6 months. To prevent gum problems because if someone is suffering from it and he/she don’t get proper treatment then he/she have to suffer  from severe problem.

4. What to avoid:

Reduce the consumption of soft drinks and all, They contain citric acid in it which is very harmful. Not only for teeth but in nutritious point of view soft drinks are not good for health. Try to use straws while drinking soft drinks because it will help your teeth from direct contact.

Avoid excess coffee:

It can change the color of your teeth to yellow.

Avoid Tobacco:

Tobacco in any form is dangerous for health specially for teeth, throat many respiratory problems occur by this.

Avoid Alcohol:

Drinking is very very bad habit it will effect your teeth in large content so avoid it for healthy teeth.

Avoid Sugar:

Consuming too much sugar is also injurious.

Avoid Snacks:

Too much fast food contain lots of spices, acids which will effect teeth, so better to use mouthwash after eating them.

3. Denture:

Sometime it is very necessary to replace damaged teeth. Some people feel awkward about denture but after sometime your denture will adjusted well. Eat food softly and slowly with denture. Try to cut your food in small parts or bytes before eating and then chew it using your both sides of denture. Handle it carefully, clean and free from food particles because it may cause bad breath or stains. Brush them carefully with denture care kit. At night always take out your denture in denture cleaning water or liquid.

2. Protection from acid wear:

Now days, all are very found of fast foods, soft drinks and all this stuff so, there is high risk of acid wear. We should try to eat dairy products like cheese, milk, butter etc they are good for teeth. Acidic liquids should be consumed by straw. Try to chew sugar free gums as they will help or stimulate our mouth to produce saliva. Saliva helps in neutralize our mouth acid. Drink water as much as you can. Brush your teeth after 1 hour of rich meal with some good fluoride toothpaste and regular dentist visit is necessary to protect teeth from acid wear.

1. Dental checkup for babies:

Teeth start erupt in 10 month of age children. There are lots of symptoms that can be seen are: Sucking, irritability,drooling etc. The type of food is the main cause of tooth problems in children.The diet is playing very significant role in growth. Sometime people do not take dental check up too serious , but it is very serious matter.



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