10 Addictions that are most Difficult to Overcome

Addiction is the situation when persons get hold of the habit or the obsession on doing something. They are unable to control themselves and they arrive at a peak position where it becomes detrimental and dangerous. Addictions or the compulsions are of many types which can result to harmful situations.  It may involves the consumption of many things such as alcohol, drugs which are physical in nature and it may also involves obsessions which are virtual in nature such as addiction of watching  tv and many more. People who are engaged in these kinds of cravings are most of the time unaware about it. Proper handling is required to get rid of such addictions. The top 10 addictions which are very hard to overcome are written below.

10) Video games:

Overusing video games leads to the addiction of it. Playing too much video game can result in many mental, physical, communal, emotional troubles. Person looses interest in real world happenings and spends all the quality time with video games. They don’t take any curiosity in their relationships, in their social atmosphere. Gaming for so long hours can result into serious health issues and hygiene problem. The only thing desire for is the video games. Family and the loved ones can play a vital role in taking apart such addiction.

9) Love and emotions:

Addiction of love is the way to control your feelings, sentiments about the others. The end result may be very upsetting and depressing if not taken care of. It includes numerous relationships with enormous obsession and infatuation during the beginning but that relationship ends quite rapidly. Such addiction can lead to many health issues and may affect the relationships in future. The individual becomes compulsive and obsessive about the emotion of going to be loved by someone. This addiction is quite ordinary and common. But it can surely get well by applying many methods and practices.

8) Television:

Many people are used to spend large quantity of their time on television. Television is a great source of amusement but the problem arises when a person is aware of the fact that he needs the lower down spending his time on tv but is incapable of doing that. This addiction can result into drowsiness and depression too. An individual gets so much into the tv and extricate from the real world.

7) Shopping:

Shopping is a habit which can intensify very rapidly and becomes an obsession. And such persons consider that they will fine and better while doing that. This addiction is the consequence of depression, isolation, anger and stress. It’s not the solution at all but makes the condition poorer by increasing the financial liability and debt. Shopaholic person must look for an expert or a specialised therapist to get you out from this problem. One should always make a list of items to be purchased before going for shopping in order to get rid of overhead expenses.

6) Work:

The individual that is so much obsessed and addicted to his or her work is said to be workaholic. Addiction to work is totally different from doing the hard work. A workaholic person not only just gets pleasure in work but also sense compel towards it. It can lead to pressure, strain and stress. Such people put away their family, friends and relatives and all sort of belongings for their work. They even surrender their health for the matter of work. When suffering such problem the best solution is to spend time with your loved ones and taking out time for your health. One should make relationships fresh with their pals and family ones.

5) Internet:

Addiction of internet or being online is not like taking in the intoxicating liquid or any drug but it can surely cause a lot of problems. Internet can be extremely beneficial and prolific but it can get in the way of their routine when used excessively. It’s becoming mental disarray. It’s a disorder which is so similar to betting. It may affect the family, personal and academic field terribly. The one suffering from this sort of addiction spend more time on internet and less with people who are in their lives.

4) Fast food:

Fast food are so in trend, as it an easy and rapid way to fill up your stomachs. They are even available to the costumers at a very cheap rate. Fast food is believed to be addictive in behaviour, as it contains a lot of elements and ingredients which are addictive such as sugar, salt and fat. They make people to have it at more frequent rates. There are many ill effects of it though such as obesity, diabetes and many more which are totally unwanted. So this addiction should be taken care of at any cost to live a healthy life.

3) Smoking:

Smoking is very addictive and becomes the habit of the person; person becomes totally dependent on it. It is the irrepressible need of cigarettes and it causes a lot of physical, emotional and rational responses. Everybody knows about the ill effects of such addiction but only few manage to stop such activity. Smoking has an immense effect on the brain and the person always want it more. The drug found in tobacco is nicotine which is highly compulsive. It is the main reason of lung cancer but a person can surely leave it when taken a firm decision and understanding about its harmful consequences

2) Boozing:

Obsession of alcohol is the uncontrollable want for alcohol which a strong and intoxicating liquor and is acquired from fruits, grain which are in fermented state. When a person pine for alcohol and cannot put an end to it then it is described as alcoholism. It’s never easy to stop taking alcohol as it is very intricate and complex task. The desire for this liquid is so immense that it overpowers the thought of bringing it to an end. A proper help and support is required to help people with such addictions. Assistance from friends and family many times may prove to be helpful in getting them rid of such addiction.

1) Drugs:

Addiction of drug is a very complicated and complex sickness of brain. It is unmanageable and irrepressible at a lot of times. It is responsible for a lot of unconstructive and negative symptoms on the body as well as on the behaviour. It is based on illegitimate drug or pills and medicines. As a result of this addiction people feel a strong and deep desire for drug. It can lead to crucial issues in life related with mental and bodily troubles, connection with people and law. Such people are in need of proper treatment from doctors, or health centers to get rid from drug addiction and to live freely from it.



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