Top 10 Sure Ways to Frighten and Annoy Your Room Partner

We all love our room partners, only after spending a couple of boozing sessions and weekend trips. But when they are new to us, both parties maintain a LOC. It takes a bit time to melt the icy wall between. So if you have just got such a new room partner then here are few tricks that you will frighten that person to some extent and compel him to start doubting your mental sanity. But don’t blame me when you will receive those real bad punches when the roommate will finally get to know the truth. So the choice is yours.

10. The moment the person steps in for the first time; give him a frightened look as if you are watching a dinosaur coming towards you with slow steps and open mouth. More frightened you are the better.

Annoying Orange

9. Next day, when your room partner is trying to catch some sleep at the end of the day, go next to his/her bed and whisper in his ears that you have ESP (extrasensory perception) and you have seen four serial killers dragging your roommate to a dark alley.

8. Whenever your roommate comes back from work, run to the bathroom with your right hand pinching your nose. When you return back to the room, pretend that you have just vomited. Do this continuously for a week.

7. While having a light chat, tell him story of your childhood when once you chewed up the forearm of your some elementary school friend. Don’t forget to make a face that shows how much you loved the taste of fresh flesh.

6. Whenever your room partner go to bathroom for nature calls stare at his way and spread the evil grin when he returns back. Make your expression visible.

5. Before you go to sleep, try this step for 5 consecutive days. Stand up on your bed, shake your body like you just have revulsion, cry like a war wolf, and make a posture that you are going to turn into something unnatural, and then lie down in your bed.

4. Whenever someone knocks on the door of your room, run; but not to check who’s waiting outside. Run to the cordless phone, pick it up and say “Hello” three times. Reverse the step when the phone is ringing.

3. One day out of nothing just ask your roommate (if it’s a she) “have you ever seen the film Psycho?” If she answers in negative, play the movie next day. When the film is over, look straight into her eyes and ask “can you imagine seeing your victim from that close?”

2. Fake a faint. When the person calls up the medical team and they come to visit you, just open your eyes and ask what the noise is all about around.

1. Talk to someone else over the phone while constantly looking at your partner and speaking in a low voice near to whispering as if you have just got to know the biggest secret of his/her life.

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