Top 10 Funny Masks

Most of the children like to use the funny mask to enjoy the days and these come with the different colors and any styles. This mask comes with the different size, most of the   children will happy to wear this funny mask according to the size. The cost of the mask will be easy to buy and you can get this mask in the different market place.  Most of the children like to play the   games for a long time by wearing the fine mask.

10. Gwar

This mask will cover the full body and it will be easy to wear at any condition.  This mask comes with the different size according to the user. You can able to wear the mask for a long time without facing any trouble.

9. Drunk Injuns

This mask will cover only the face but it gives the thrill look for the viewers. Most of the children like to buy this mask and this was founded in the year 1983 and this mask can allow this to channel; for the advertisement and the other things

8. Holly wood un-dead

This mask design with the goaltender design and most of the young one like to   use the mask to give the surprise for your friends.   This mask  comes with the   various  musical styles as well  hip – hop model  in the  markets and  in the mask  you can hear the  different music.

7.  The Berserker

This mask gives the thrilling effect for the viewers and it will be like by all the children. This was developed by the Tood Hansen, Damien and Palmers in the market place.

Top 10 Funny Masks

6. Daft punk

This mask has the electric music which was developed by the French musicians. This mask becomes good among people. With the help of Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter this  mask was designed   easily.

5. Tism

This  mask is the combination of the  seven pieces and  cover the full  body except the  eyes. On seeing this mask , you   will be so frightened  and this  mask as the design by the  Ron Hilter- Brasssi, joint St pennies .

4. Lordi

This comes with the heavy rocking finish that give the fine  thrill of seeing. This mask wins in the year 2006  and it has the horror movie characters . You can able to buy this  mask in the  market place.

3. The Residents

This mask has the three pieces and one is differ from the other two. This mask gives the shocking look for the users and   this will be comfortable to wear. This will be   available in market places.

Top 10 Funny Masks Retro Vintage

2. Mudvayne

This mask music with the thrill sound   and they have developed the different album with the different model. In the year 2002, they had announced the second album that earns the good names among the people.

1. Slipknot 

This mask gives the attractive   look and it is made with the different layer with the different   color.  This is unique mask and the cost of the mask various according to the size.


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