Top 10 Ways To Deal With Hunger

We have been fighting all our lives a battle of which a lot of time we have lost. When hunger strikes, we have little room to wiggle and think of a way to fight it, sometimes falling down and succumbing to the urge to stuff ourselves just to satisfy that hunger.

10. Go slow

Physiologically, your brain doesn’t always receive things as fast as other things would. It would take roughly about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you are actually full and satisfied. This cause overeating. So just slow down and chew your food before going for the next bite.

9. Grab some nuts

Because of their fiber and protein content, nuts are a great way to stuff up your stomach without eating too much of it. It will help hold up the fort before your next meal. But always remember, nuts also contain fat, so just take it easy and nibble.

8. Soy-full fun

Like nuts, soybeans also offer cheats to avoid getting too hungry because of its proteins and fats, but with a bonus of carbohydrates. It regulates your hunger by making you feel satisfied. It also has been proven to carry some anti-hunger substances to do suppress that urge.

7. Fat plus carbs

It might look like a double whammy, but the combo does work when you are able to control the amount of it. The fat that we eat allows our bodies to release leptin. Leptin is a hormone that is released by the endocrines to suppress hunger; therefor it helps you lose your appetite.

6. Get some low fat dairy

Proteins basically help regulate hunger, so low-fat dairies are a great ally. Whey and Casein, the 2 proteins mostly found in dairy products, help in the regulation. They also help in suppressing the urge, making you feel hungry fewer times.

5. Orange and grapefruits

Studies show that soluble fiber-rich low calorie foods, like grapefruits and oranges, helps the stomach feel fuller much faster while keeping your sugar count in check. This will prevent you from getting sugar rushes that makes you want to eat sweets, making you hungrier.

4. Follow the Course

Eating food should not be boring but enjoyable. Adding or mixing things up to give variety to your meals is a great and healthy way to keep the appetite in check. But adding too many unnecessary courses would just end up making you eat more and more.


3. Eat your salads first and separately

Salads are a great way of satisfying the mouth without too much calories. A research indicates that the higher the salad portion, the fewer is eaten during the main course. But still, be wary of those salad dressings that have too much calories in them. Less is always more.

2. Soup to Cool

Much like salads, the first course could be a vegetable soup or any broth that has less calories and sodium. Drinking or eating liquids before meals allows space to be less vacant inside the stomach, making way only for fewer portions of food, making you eat less.

1. Bulk them up

Bulking your meals with fiber-rich and high water content food allows you to curb your appetite better. This fills up the space in your stomach, making you feel fuller before you overeat.

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