Top 10 things you should Donate to the Needy

There are around 40 to 45 percent people all over the world who are suffering for some or the other thing in their life. Including the basic needs food, shelter and clothes; there are some more very necessary things which are required by them. Here are some things which must be donated if possible so that needy can think of living their lives.


Specs, ear machines, wheel chair are undoubtedly a costly affair in respect of donation. Only a wealthy man can think of such type of donations. These things actually come under that category which gives a new life to the needy person. What more a needy man will wish to god if he is now able to see clearly or hear properly. What if a man who could not walk even 3-4 steps can now move from one place to another through wheel chair? Donation of specs, ear plugs, etc. is a very good and appreciable thing if one ever does in his whole life.


Toys are the best things which make a baby smile. Many poor children and orphans have to sacrifice a lot in their childhood. In some cases parents are not able to meet the expense of toys to their children. Then what to talk about orphans? No other job is as tough as making a kid smile. So one must donate toys or soft toys to the needy parents so that their children can enjoy the babyhood. It is also a praised and good job if you donate this kind of stuff through some NGO’s or other helping needy organizations.


Blood donation has widened its scope to a large extent. Presently, lack of required blood group in blood banks is the foremost reason of the occurrence of deaths. Accidents, cancer, kidney failures, heart problems have now become normal problems of day to day life. Every third person is now somehow facing it. And blood is the major requirement for the treatment. A healthy person must surely donate his blood in every three or six months because blood donation is the only donation in the world which saves largest number of lives. Including this, one must also work a little for to aware the people about blood donation camps.


Money is God of each and every person of today’s era. Everybody rolls their mind in some way to fulfill the hunger for money which buys them comfort of life. Helping needy with money is big task. Money is the only way by which a poor can joy his wish otherwise he has to manage with what he is given. Generally people do not prefer donating money because poor spoil themselves through smoking or drinking. But donating money to a charitable institution is recommended for good living and future of the needy people.


Shoes, slippers, and sandals are very common in use for a general man. This is again a good thing to help pitiable with foot wears. Many poor children have to leave the school because shoes complete the school uniform but their parents are unable to find the money for them. A common man rarely uses a particular pair of foot wear for more than one or one and half year. So instead of throwing it in dustbin he must give it to the needy people. Even a little damaged slippers or shoes must also be donated because something for them is better than nothing.


It is very well known to everybody that how hard it is to bear rain or cold. Sometimes just a silly cold weather takes the lives of enough people. They may be helped if they are blessed with comforts of blankets or quilts. Buying new clothes and giving to the needy however may consume much money but a simple blanket does not. They not help to bear cold but also serve the purpose of clothing. Moreover quilts again are cheaper than blankets. It is not a big deal to buy and donate a quilt if unused is not available at home.


Pollution, global warming, spoiled environment, dirty water are some of the major reasons which affect the health of the poor people. And in this modern living, it is difficult for them to pay to doctors and buy medicines. If there are unused medicines in the home then they must be prescribed by doctors and given to the needy so that they may cure the diseases they are suffering from. Serving one or two needy in a month with medicines is not a big deal and if possible one must try to afford some with doctor checkup. Donation of medicines is considered as the best deed in the human life.


It is only books which can change and build our nation. People and especially children face many difficulties due to illiteracy. Many organizations or awareness programs are working to the height to educate the needy persons. Books on the other hand play their own vital role in many aspects of life. Parents who cannot educate their children, if given some books, they may fulfill their wishes. Books on any topics including English, Hindi, medicinal knowledge, health, food, living, etc. may help in some or the other way. Notebooks, pen, pencil, rubber must also be donated in some manner to the poor.



There are many people all across the world that does not have proper clothes to wear. Lack of clothes causes them a lot of illness and other sufferings. Well, summer wear or winter clothes must be donated to the needy so that they may cover themselves and live their life in a good manner. Clothing donation has been considered as the best way of helping out the community. Instead of throwing away the unused clothing material, they must either be given to the deprived people or must be given in the charitable organizations because this donation serves a great difference in the lives of the poor.


Food is the most important and basic need of each and every living being on this earth. Actually, we all work or struggle till the death just for the sake of our stomach. There is a rich diversity in food all around us. But there are some people who could not afford their two meals in a day. Not only this, people below poverty line are incapable of eating food even for a single time for many days. Donation of food helps to fight the hunger of many people. Fruits, vegetables, biscuits, baked goods, juices that is non-perishable food must be given to the needy individuals. Even the leftover food from homes or parties is given to the needy; it may save a lot of lives.


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