Top 10 Surprisingly High Calorie Foods

When you’re in a diet, you tend to turn into fruits and vegetables to help you lower your weight and be healthy at the same time. However, there are few vegetables and fruits that are surprisingly high in calories which you might want to avoid. Here are the top 10 fruits and vegetables you need to avoid to maintain the right kind of diet in losing weight.

Top 10 Surprisingly High Calorie Foods


You want to avoid calories and you tried eating raisins, you think it’s just a fruit and no harm can be done but what you don’t know about raisins will shock you. Raisins will give you a whooping 500 calories in just 1 cup! In case you don’t know, avoid raisins to avoid ruining all your efforts.


Next to raisin is no other than prunes. Believe it or not, eating prunes could give you 447 calories and that is just in a cup of measurement. So avoid prunes too.

Sweet Potato

Eating potatoes is also a good option for some who wants to go on a diet; however a medium baked potato already contains 161 calories. So if you want to lose weight, you might want to replace your potato with something else with less calorie content.


Soy beans and products are healthy however when it comes to calories this is a big NO regimen. Soy beans and other soy products come with 376 calories. It actually depends; some are fermented yet still comes with high amount of calories.


You might want to go nuts knowing that macadamia and sesame contains as much as 719 calories in every hundred gram serving. Avoid nuts in your snacks as this will lead you to weight gain instead of weight loss.


Avocado is a yummy treat unfortunately when it comes to calories; this treat is not highly recommended. This one comes with 240 calories if you eat a cup of it.

Coconut Oil

You think using a coconut oil is healthy right? Some are using this kind of oil to cook and prepare meals for the day as they want it to be absorbed while cooking. Using coconut oil however will give you 120 calories for every tablespoon! You might want to avoid this type of oil!


You go on a grocery store and purchased a sweet whole kernel corn, but what you don’t know about it is that it comes with high calorie content. Whole kernel corn contains 185 calories and if you think this is one of the best to eat, then think again. This might even increase your weight.

Quinoa Grain

Grains are good if you want a healthy diet however most of it comes with jam packed calorie amount. In fact, grains are what most people who want to increase their weight eat! So avoid this type of food to achieve a faster result.


Artichoke may be healthy but a medium boiled may provide you with a staggering 150 calories. This may not be right if you want to shed some pounds.

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