Top 10 Stinky Foods to Eat

Food is one of the best pleasures anyone could have especially if its cooked nicely and deliciously. However, there are also awful smelling foods that you wouldn’t believe it exists. Here are the top 10 stinky foods any human can have. You may want to hold your breath though while eating these foods.

Top 10 Stinky Foods to Eat


Durian is a fruit that is very common to Southeast Asia. This is in fact considered as the king of fruits mainly because of its very strong scent, its exterior thorns and its size. You will know someone is eating durian when you start getting a scent that is like a lavatory, a pig poop, a rotten onion and even a very garnished and old gym socks!


This is said to be a Swedish cuisine that is fermented fish that its production was discontinued because of its awful smell and highly explosive can container. These fish ranks 2nd because its smell attracts insects and flies yet it must not be opened inside your home for it will definitely make you vomit.

Vieux Boulogne

When it comes to cheese, there’s only one cheese in the world that will make you feel sick because of its smell and its no other than the Vieux Boulogne. This cheese was announced by the Cranfield University in Bedfordshire as the world’s stinkiest known cheese to mankind!

Limburger Cheese

Next to Vieux Boulogne is the Limburger cheese which houses the bacteria responsible for causing body odour! Imagine eating that kind of bacteria, it is surely very disgusting and terribly smelly.


Another fermented fish that is preserved for at least 3 months! This is salted and juiced using its own fish juice. Upon preparation, the rotten fish is washed accordingly with liquor to ensure any unhealthy bacteria are killed before eating it.


Another stingky preparation of a dried fish known as the lye fish. This dish is said to be originated in Norway and locals would wash this dried fish with lye to achieve a gelatine texture. Once desired texture is achieved, locals will wash it thoroughly with water before cooking it. This is one of the stinkiest on Earth in terms of food; in fact it is even capable of destroying a silver sterling utensil!


Japan has their own way of making another stinky fish! Kusaya literally means “that stinks!” and obviously this kusaya fish really smells bad. This fish is soaked in salted brine and allowed it to be dried under the sun. The unhealthy part when preparing this fish is that locals use the brine over and over which creates an awful smell!

Century Egg

This is common in Southeast Asia when locals try producing a hundred year egg or popularly known as century egg. This egg comes from either a quail, a duck or from a chicken which is then packed together with salt and other ingredients and kept for years. Once the egg became brownish or greenish, it only means it is ready to be eaten.

Stinky Tofu

This dish is said to be fermented and fried that is quite popular in China. Despite its rotten scent, locals love eating this dish especially if its deep fried for it does taste good.


Have you eaten a shark? This food is a fermented meat of a shark that is left to rot for weeks and as soon as it smells like ammonia, locals can have a taste of its inner meat which is really good.

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