Top 10 Recipes for Healthy Lunchbox

Are you concerned about your kid’s diet and the budget of food all day? As quoted “one should take breakfast like a king, lunch like a normal man and dinner like a beggar”, so it is very important to give the child with a lunch box which contains right amount of nutrients. Also before giving the lunch box think what your kid like to eat. Parents usually overload the Tiffin with vegetables such as carrot, which most of the kids doesn’t likes to eat, instead try to put some cherry tomatoes. Try to put berries, kiwi, apples and other fruits. Also try to put some heterogeneous food in lunch box instead of same types such as putting together grated carrot, slices of tomato, grated cheese and some bread, so that the child can make the sandwich on their own.

Here comes the ten kid-friendly lunchbox foods that are perfect and healthy meal planning and is guaranteed to provide your child with the right amount of nutrients. Also the ideas are very economical and time saving which can also use the leftovers of night.

10)Desserts from the freezer:

Freezed food reduces or kills certain type of potentially harmful bacteria and microbes which can possibly cause food poisoning. Very easy to make, just keep a few of them in the freezer before going to bed and place them in the tiffin box next morning. They will be just softened and unspoiled by lunchtime and will keep the additional lunch nice and cold in meantime.

9) Poha:

Poha is made from flattened rice and is very nutritious recipe. Also it can be prepared in minutes and tastes great. Hence making it most frequently prepared in Tiffin for children’s. Poha is light in weight and are easy to digest. It is instant source of energy since they are made up of rice. It stabilizes blood sugar and provides us with vitamin B1. Peanuts which can be used for garnishing poha is a very good source of antioxidants and proteins, which helps in proper functioning of heart.

8) Wheat Pasta:

Although many dietician discourage the consumption of pasta, but the new grain base pasta food can be quite beneficial and is very rich in nutrients. They are rich in carbohydrates and contain very less amount of fat. Also they are easy to prepare and are not very expensive. Pastas are a very good source of potassium and are rich in folic acid which is important for pregnant women.

7) Parantha:

Various types of parantha’s can be given in lunch box. The method of preparing of  different types are almost the same, the only difference is the stuff filled in it. Various types of paratha includes spinach paratha, potato paratha, radish paratha, bottle gourd and lots other.

6) Vegetable Sandwich:

It is a type of sandwich in which the filling between the breads are vegetables. Different types of vegetables include tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, onion, spinach, carrot. Small amount of white sauce or cheese slices can be used to improve the taste. Some people also place fruits instead of vegetables. Mainly apples are used in fruit sandwich. These are filled with antioxidants which prevents cancer. Also they contain loads of fiber which helps in weight loss.

5) Yogurt:

It’s a dairy product formed by the fragmentation of milk. But it is different from curd. Yoghurt is rich in calcium, potassium, B vitamins including B-12 and proteins. Researches have also shown that yoghurt stabilizes and strengthens the immune system. Yogurt also makes you sexier and slimmer. It also provides enzyme’s which is used to digest milk products or we can say that it maximize calcium absorption. Along with yogurt, adding toasted coconut, chopped walnuts, berries and wheat germ into a separate container can make a pleasing food for kids.

4) The Californian:

Spread a spinach and fill it with low fat cream or cheese. Then garnish it with shredded carrots and the raisins of your own choice. Also black olives, diced turkey, cooked black beans and raw shredded spinach can be used as a filling.

3) Chef Salad:

It is a salad which consists of hard boiled eggs or meats like turkey, ham, roast beef, cucumbers and cheese. Chef salad groups a bunch of nutrients which includes vitamin rich veggies and lots of fiber. It can be garnished with low fat cheese and sliced ham and should be filled with as many vegetables as possible which may include mushrooms, cherry, shredded carrots, tomatoes and different beans. Air tight containers are best for chef salad packaging.

2) Salad:

Salad is a dish which contains raw vegetables and fruits. It is generally served as an additional with lunch and dinner, but it can also be packed in lunchbox of children. Salad helps in decreasing cholesterol. It also increases vegetable intake and makes us cool. It helps in clearing skin and also lowers the chances of cancer. Also it helps in digestion of food hence reducing the chance of constipation. All kinds of salad make a great school lunch. Usually kids prefer fruit over vegetables, so matter the content both are equally healthy. Fruits such as grapes, apple, orange and berries can be placed in lunchbox.

1) Sprouts:

Sprouts are a very nutritious food. They include clover, soybean,  broccoli and radish which are huge source of proteins and different nutrients which are necessary for good health. They are rich in Vitamin A, C, B1, B6 and vitamin K. Also they contain Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, Phosphorous and calcium. It also contains lots of fiber which helps in digestion and is easily digested. They also help in weight loss.


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