Top 10 Reasons why you must not Waste Food ever

People often buy food in bulk to prevent themselves of extra labor of going again to the market to buy food. Not only people buy food in bulk but they also go to a restaurant and order s many dishes as they can order. And most of the times, the food which was bought in bulk gets rot and wasted or the dishes which were ordered in a wholesale are thrown in so called ‘Use Me’ dustbins. It’s not just a matter of a day or two but a routine phenomenon. So here are top 10 reasons to make you realize why food must not be wasted:

10. Dispensable Space Acquisition

People are in a habit of dumping the remaining food either in a void or a space allotted for such purposes. This unnecessary acquisition of land deprives that space to be used for fruitful purposes. Wasted food is dumped on roads where they either spread or creates a mess on roads or it accumulates in road pits or landfills. The accumulated waste food in landfills undergoes anaerobic decomposition over a period of time and releases green house gases in the environment; thus adding one more factor to increasing global warming.

 9. Spiritual Beliefs

The Vedas says that the food should not be wasted. Vedas beliefs suggest that food is also a form of God because it is the food which keeps us alive. Food has some spiritual value in all the religions. Whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Christianity or any other religion, food is considered to be divine and pure. Wasting food hurts these beliefs of varied religions and sacred people. Every religion has some beliefs which are made to be respected and not to be disobeyed. So, it is advised not to become a sinner by wasting food. Instead respect this food because of which you are healthy and fit enough to provide varied spices to your taste buds.

 8.  Foul Smell

No one would ever like to live in a surrounding which stinks badly. Wasted food when dumped in surroundings releases very foul smell which no one can bear. This foul smell develops out of decomposition of the food. Decomposition of any organic matter releases green house gases as mentioned earlier. These gases smell very badly. Now it’s your choice.  If you are okay to live a life surrounded by depressing foul fragrance of rotten eggs or fishes, then keep wasting food. But before performing such insane act, it must be kept in mind that this foul smell can be a reason of your death eventually.

 7. Harmful Microorganisms and Gases

The food waste decays gradually by the anaerobic respiration of microbes on them. Food deposited in various heaps or pits undergo process of decomposition which in turn provides best habitat for bacteria and viruses to grow and multiply. These bacteria and viruses so developed can cause a number of deadly diseases. Also decomposition of food in anaerobic conditions leads to extrusion of methane gas. Though methane gas can be a very good byproduct to generate energy but when it is released in open environment, it is venomous. Release of methane gas in environment is poisonous and can cause innumerous deaths of animals as well as human beings.

 6. Monetary Waste

Food wastage eventually leads to money wastage as well. Not only money is required to but the food you are about to waste but the packaging, transportation and refining of that food also cost a lot of money. That amount of money which is wasted in buying food can be put to another better use. Consequently, this wastage leads to annual budget fall of the families and the country. Wasting food is not at all a work of wisdom. For you it must be a waste but may be for somebody it is life.

 5. Polluted Water Bodies

The wasted food along with the city wastes is finally dumped into river, pond or any other water body. That wasted food must have gotten stale by the time it reaches the water bodies. Thus it pollutes the water bodies. Why to add more reasons to the increasing pollution when the present reasons are also not dealt with completely yet. Stale food not only pollutes water bodies but also becomes a reason of doom for many of the aquatic organisms. This rancid food is what the aquatic animals feed on and dies. Wasting food is not just a mere act of ignorance; in fact it is a crime you are committing by taking lives of so many living organisms.

 4. Stale Food- Reason of Deaths

The food which is wasted gets stale and not apt for being eaten by animals. Eating stale food not only kills aquatic animals but also murders terrestrial animals. Numerous road side animals feed on garbage and the stale food which we have wasted. Eating this rancid food can lead to their deaths. Now, you introspect yourself how much guilty are you to waste food instead of utilizing it. According to a recent survey conducted by a famous magazine reveals that 40% of the animal death is due to food poisoning.

 3. Starvation

Newspapers now a day are flooded with the news of people dying of scarcity of food. Some reports about a dozen deaths and some reports about more. And why these deaths are happening? It is because they cannot afford their bread and butter; that bread and butter which we are busy wasting. How inhumane have we become!  There are hundreds of thousands of people who couldn’t manage two times meals properly. Instead of wasting that food we could give it to anyone needy. Or by not wasting it we could help others to buy them and fulfill their needs.

 2. Increase in Demand

With an enormous increase in population, the demand for all types of resources has also increased rapidly. Food is the most important resource. Increasing population needs more food resources and there we are wasting the limited resources we have got. One should think deeply that the food we waste could have been used for our future generation and would have protected them from the conditions of recession. We will be remembered as culprits by our coming generations if we do not put a full stop to this habit of wasting food. The increasing demand of food can be satisfied up to 30-40% if we cease this reckless activity of wasting food.

 1. Wasted Energy

Food is the source of energy. It is this energy which makes us enable to develop other kinds of energy. If a person working in thermal power plant is completely exhausted out of hunger, how could he manage to generate thermal power? Food itself is a form of energy. Wasting food is wasting energy in a world where there is already scarcity of energy. So, it’s a kind request. Now that you know reasons why food must not be wasted, please do not become a part of this unethical crime.

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